Sleep quality has decreased during lockdown, says study

Is India also facing the sleep quality problem during lockdown?

A recently published study in the journal Current Biology suggests that people are sleeping more than usual but struggling with the quality of sleep during the lockdown. The study was conducted at the University of Basel, Switzerland and the Psychiatric Hospital of the University in which 435 people took part. Most people reported that they are sleeping for a longer duration but they also complained about the deterioration in sleep quality.

Researchers conducted an online survey for more than a month from March 23 to April 26. 435 people in which 75 per cent were women took part in a survey who belonged to Germany, Switzerland and Austria. More than 80 per cent of the people who took part in the survey were working from home at that time.

What an Indian psychologist has to say about this?

Dr Ajay Sharma, Consultant Clinical Psychologist who practices at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences said he has not seen such cases in India so far. “During the summer people don’t face huge challenges with the quality of sleep. We have not received patients complaining of less quality sleep because of the lockdown.”

The cycle of work and leisure in humans are often at a mismatch with the internal biological clock. If the duration between workdays and weekly off becomes too large or there are differences in sleeping patterns, then it can lead to ‘social jetlag’. The study found out that the relaxation of social rhythms like flexible working hours led to a reduction in “social jetlag”.

sleeping pattern during lockdown
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India faces a different challenge when it comes to sleep quality

In India, a majority of the population don’t even understand the term- sleep quality. If they don’t get proper sleep, they rather blame it on mosquitoes, cooler sound, or an uncomfortable mattress. For them, mental challenges are merely a saying which doesn’t play any role in sleep quality. Majority of people were migrant labourers and employees at MSMEs of the 12 crores Indians who lost their job due to lockdown. Most of them couldn’t afford to seek help to understand the reduction of quality sleep.

Quality sleep in the human body is important as it improves the overall health of the body. Sleep quality can increase productivity, concentration, performance and cognition of the brain. A study suggests that quality sleepers consume fewer calories than others which ultimately maintain body weight.

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