Six signs now you have really ‘Moved On’

Forgiving someone and moving on is not easy. One needs a lot of guts to forgive someone.


No turning back

It’s human nature whenever someone cheat us, the feeling of revenge automatically comes to us but if you have let go it without any revenge then darling you are a real hero.


Here are the Six signs now you have really ‘Moved On that will prove that you are a true fighter who never gives up, whether it’s your personal or professional but once you decide to move on, you do it without looking back

* You don’t want a revenge and you are happy in your own space

* His or her presence hardly matters to you

* You have stop expecting from him or her

* He or she is no more on your social networking accounts

* You no more feel shy talking about your heartbreak

* You are no more jealous looking them with other or giving space to someone else

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