Six reasons how Facebook can ruin your relationship!

It’s cool to be the king or queen of the social media. I mean it is the best way to be in touch with your old friends and stay updated but do you know?  Popularity in virtual world can affect our real life relations and can completely ruin them.

  • Entertaining Exes on Facebook can affect your partner as they would not entertain it and can make your partner jealous.
  • Just Facebook time no quality time:  Instead of spending time with each other you both surf through Facebook post even if you are together.
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  • In the era of social media most of the fight occurs because of keeping relationship status single. But guys imagine if Facebook doesn’t exist then?
  • Posting too much and appreciating every comment can also make your partner insecure.
  • Not sharing your password although, it’s a personal space but not sharing Facebook password leads to fights in a relationship.
  • Keeping a check: Whenever you see your partner posting anything Facebook you have lot of questions to ask.

Technology can be a boon or curse but it depends how we use it. When it comes to your relationship it is not Facebook’s fault but you are responsible how you let it affect your relationship.

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