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The Epidemic of Multitasking: Why concentrating on a single task is important?

Why concentrating on a single task is important? It will make you feel less stressed

When was the last time when you gave your 100 per cent to a particular task? It might be very hard to remember, right?  Right now, I am compiling this article and there are a plethora of tabs opened on my screen. Recently, I was reading IKIGAI and read that our generation is suffering from the epidemic of Multitasking and that hit me hard. That’s absolutely right! We tend to think that multitasking is a key to achieving more but often we end up getting stuck in a task more than the time it requires. You might want 10 minutes to write an email but end up taking 30 minutes. Many studies have shown that multitasking causes wasting time, making more errors and retaining fewer things. Today, we will discuss why it is important to concentrate on a single task.

single task

(One thing at a time)

As Steve Jobs said, “ People think focusing means saying yes to the thing you have got to focus on but that’s not right, it means saying no to a hundred other good ideas that are there.

Do you know 3 seconds distraction leads to double the mistakes?

Multitasking can kill your productivity. Do you know 3 seconds distraction leads to double the mistakes? According to a study that was conducted on 300 Michigan students, it was found that due to 2.8 seconds of distraction students made double mistakes in the test.

Before we proceed further, let us understand what is Single-tasking – 1 Task and how you can concentrate on a single task without any distraction.

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As the name suggests, Single-tasking means focusing on a single task at a time with a few interruptions. For example – If you are writing an email, do not open other tabs – Try to focus, compile and send the email without any delay. Single-tasking is not multi-tasking. It is not about having dozens of apps open on the browser.  Single-tasking doesn’t mean checking your email every 10 minutes and chatting while compiling an important work email.  It means one task at a time with Zero Distractions.  But as they say – It is easier said than done.  Here, we have compiled a few ways on how to put a little single-tasking into your workday.

 Why concentrating on a single task is important & how to achieve it?

  1. Do not look at any kind of screen for the first one hour after you wake up and the last hour before you go to sleep. Well,  many people find it difficult.  But you can always start with a small amount of time. Like start with 15 minutes and then go on increasing!
  2. Read and respond to emails at a particular time. Like you should not be constantly checking your mailbox. Designate a particular time and strictly stick to it.  This will save you time and will make you more productive.

single task

(Say no to multitasking)

3. While performing an important activity, turn off your phone and social media notifications so that you do not get distracted.

4. Try to bundle routine tasks – such as sending out invoices, responding to emails, making phone calls, etc – do them all at once.

5. Divide each activity into groups of related tasks such as –If you are working on an article – Try jotting down pointers at your home in the morning, compile it in office, library or any other place where you will not get distracted and then edit it in the night.

6. Lastly, once a week try “Technological fasting”.Take a day off from technology and go on social media detox.  It may sound impossible but it will help you achieve flow.

Remember Baby Steps are important. When you are focusing on a single task, you are at the top of your game, as you focus on expanding the capacity of mental, physical and spiritual energy.

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If above said ideas are difficult to practice – Here are 5 baby steps that you can take right away to achieve flow and concentrate on a single task :

Pomodoro Technique  – Try this!

Focus on a single task for 25 minutes and then take a break of 5 minutes. The time can be adjusted and based on your ideal workflows. The main is to get your brain focused on a single task as long as it can.

Make a to-do  list in advance – And prioritize work according to the urgency

Put all your task in chronological order according to importance.  Make a to-do –list in advance so that you don’t miss out on important notifications and work.

Watch a 3-minute video

If nothing else try watching a 3-minute video, it is a very good exercise for focus and patience.

Put your phone on silent so that you do not get distracted. Check notifications once your work is done.

The software blocks websites for whatever amount of time you choose. For example, if Instagram is the constant source of distraction, it will block the app for whatever time you choose.

Final Words

It is completely an individual’s choice, it has worked like a magic for many professionals and students. Better productivity and fewer mistakes, Single-tasking is the need of the hour. However, it becomes extremely difficult for a few people.  I am trying. Do you think it will work for you as well? Tell us in the comments section below.

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