Is it hard for Single moms to find love again? Women on Reddit share their struggles!

Decoding reasons why it is hard for single moms to find love again? When will society change? 


Single Mom and Dating 

Why has society made it a taboo? 

Why should one date a single mom? 

Dating game has now completely changed. With a plethora of options available, people look for partners who can match their wavelength aka vibe, be it professionally or personally. Today, finding new people is not that difficult but is finding love easy? Probably No! The answer might differ and with a lot of options available, sometimes it becomes extremely difficult to find the right one. For Single parents, it still remains a gray area, especially for single moms. Surveys reveal that it is hard for single moms to find love again and there are many stupid reasons behind it. After all, “Single Mom hai Uske Bache Ki responsibility Koi Aur Mard Kaise le sakta hai.”

In this article, you will find real stories and why single moms deserved to be loved!

Let us take a look at the reasons: 

Single mothers are bold and badass

Somehow in our society, there is a notion that if there is a woman who is a single mom or separated from an unhappy marriage by her choice, that means she is bold and badass. And this also means that she is interested or ready for a causal relationship.

While sharing experience of dating a single mother wrote on Reddit, “I am a single mum and so I can connect to the struggles of single moms. I recently went to a dating app where I clearly wrote in my bio, looking for a serious relationship. Despite this, many men right-swiped me or had a causal relationship. I even spoke to a guy and I told him that I am not interested in anything casual, despite that, he said that we can also explore a causal relationship.”

Being a single mother does not mean that she is not serious about relationships or marriage.

2. Men are not okay to accept the child   

Single moms to find love again
Single moms to find love again

Society judges a woman if she has a child and is still looking for love. The child is often considered as a responsibility.

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“When I was dating a guy, I cleared it in the initial period of dating that I am a single mother. But after several months when I was expecting a commitment, he said, “I am not able to accept the child as a father”, said a single mom.

Usually, men show interest in dating but when it comes to commitment and marriage, then it becomes a family matter. They often say that how can I convince my family about this relationship? How will my family accept such a relationship? Or I am not ready for this. As per some mothers, these come from even those who are themselves single fathers or divorced, said a single mom.

Why Single Moms deserved to be loved! 

1. Adjustments are a common occurrence in the life of a single mother. 

A single mom has to manage many things single-handedly.

 A woman on quora shared her story, how she is managing life as a single mother. She said, “About 3 years ago, I had an office meeting at night. Therefore, I came home at 9:30 pm. Then I came to know that my baby is having a fever. At that hour, there were no auto rickshaws available. So, I had to carry him myself to the clinic which was a kilometer away. I do not think that anything is really difficult to handle for single moms, except finding good men.”

2. Every single mom is a warrior

Single moms to find love again
Single moms to find love again

She is handling responsibilities of the house, child, and career as well. Therefore, if you are in a relationship with someone like that, they will understand why you were late from the office. The mutual understanding develops well with single mothers. She is well-versed with the challenges of life and knows how to deal with them.

3. They are independent women

Independence means that they can handle a lot of things, especially themselves. Because they have to do everything on their own, from paying rent to taking care of kids’ classes, this makes them highly self-reliant. So, they are not clingy.

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If you are busy with work and see a message from your partner after 8-9 hours, then she may not mind or feel bad about it.

Therefore, if you are in love with your “me time”, then you must pair with a single mother.

4. In a single-parent family, the relationship between parent & child is very deep

They know what unconditional love is and how to give love to a person. So, connect with someone who knows what unconditional love is and how to carry it on. There is nothing better than this.

5. Sexiness

Yes, you read it right. Sexuality is not restricted to a body, it is also about confidence, attitude, and an overall approach. The kind of confidence a single mom possesses in life makes their aura super sexy.

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6. If a single mom accepts anyone in life, it is a big deal

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For a mother, her child always tops the priority list of hers. Therefore, if she includes anyone in her life, she will do this thoughtfully. If you are invited into a single mom’s life, then consider yourself special and lucky.


Free your mindset from regressive thinking. Single mothers can be a good partner. We have plenty of examples including French president Emmanuel Macron or cricketer Anil Kumble, who had chosen single mothers as their life partners. Take a step and bring the change

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