Simple Tips To Present Yourself Better, Take A Look!

Looking Good is the need of the hour: Renu Mehra

Well, ‘Looking Good’ here has nothing do with your features and fixes. We are here talking about the essence of feeling good and feeling confident. So to give you some simple tips on how to look good and to tell you about the self -employment opportunities as an Image Consultant, Renu Mehra, the leading image consultant was back with another enthralling session on Self Employment Opportunities as a certified Image Consultant or Soft Skills Trainer.

Ms. Renu Mehra

The event was held at Defence Colony Club, and interestingly the seminar hall was jam-packed with people from all walks of life. With this, one can imagine that looking good and feeling good is no more a desire, but it has actually become a necessity.

Here are some important highlights from the event, take a look!

1. Do you know the first impression of any person is formed in just 3 seconds? That’s why the first impression is really important.

2. Charity begins at home: Not for others but you should shift your paradigm for yourself. No matter in what profession you are, your presentation matters a lot!

Simple Tips To Build Your Self Esteem

Discover and Develop a new talent
Use Discipline and Persistence in your life to meet your goals
Reprogram your mind with positive attitude
Respect your body, mind and time
Appreciate yourself for achieving your goals.

Image matters a lot

Knowing four important A’s to groom your image

• Appropriate: One should know about the appropriate outfit or attire for a particular event. For example: What you should wear for a Business meeting?

Authentic: You should make sure that whatever you are wearing, you should be comfortable in it.

Attractive: It’s obvious we always prefer attractive things. So, looking attractive is equally important.

   •Affordable: You need not to invest in expensive outfits to look good. Your sharp knack for trend and fashion can help you to stand out.

Last but not the least, ‘ABCD’ that we all should know to be part of this competitive world

  • A stands for Appearance
  • B stands for Behaviour
  • C stands for communication
  • Digital stands for Digital Presence

 These are four important things that people notice about you, and they play a major role in building your image.

Self- Confidence is important

 Image Consultant as a Profession

Are you currently looking for self – employed opportunities? Becoming an Image consultant or soft skill trainer could be a good option. ICBI (Image Consulting Business Institute) offers courses leading to self -employment as an Image Consultant or a Soft Skills Trainer.

Duration of course: 1 year

For registration or queries, you can visit the official site of ICBI.

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