8 Incredibly simple steps to make your content attractive

Do you want to reach a wider audience? 8 Incredibly Simple steps to make your content attractive

At a time when everyone is creating or writing content, what really makes you best from the rest? Have you ever wondered why some blogs and websites have such huge traffic and loyal readership? Well, there are many factors that bring readers to your article or on the website. A lot of people keep wondering why their article is not getting the attention they want. Even after crafting each phrase carefully and putting the right images sometimes the content just doesn’t work on the internet.

If you are thinking about the solution, then it may be a lot easier than you expect. Writing less and styling your text properly is all you need to hold the attention of a reader. Here is a list of 8 incredibly simple steps to make your content attractive.

content attractive
How to optimize your content

How to make your content user-friendly & how to get them engaged?

Creating user-friendly content is not as difficult as you think. The first and foremost step to create user-friendly content is to accept the fact that people scan web pages, rather than read them in detail. The attention span of the user on the internet is less than 10 seconds. Yes, you heard it right, less than 10 seconds. For example – If you are searching for a particular piece of information on Earthquake, you visit a page and if you will not get anything relevant there, you will click away, right? So it is important to precise and crisp. We will discuss how to make content user friendly?

Do you know it just takes a few minutes to turn an overwhelming mass of text into an article or text that engages the reader and pulls them in?

content attractive
Easy steps to reach wider audience

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Tips to reach the wider audience

Feature one idea per paragraph – Introduce only one idea per paragraph. A lot of information at one go can leave the reader confused. Keep the paragraph short and try using simple words so that more and more people can engage.

Sub Heads are the key

Break your content into important parts.  A strong and catchy headline pulls the reader to your article and solid sub-headlines keep them engaged, as they act as “mini headlines” to keep them moving through the rest of your content. Try to make informative and hooking sub-headlines. Do not exaggerate or you will lose credibility. Web readers are smart enough to figure that out. Compelling is not the same as hypey.

Once you have written all your sub-heads. Read them thoroughly and review them to see that what readers will understand if they decide to read only a part of your article.  Is there a compelling point?  Will they get the gist of the information and will they share it with others?

Bullet Points

They look different from the rest of the text and provides a visual break to your reader. They also act as hookups points and create a fascination that your reader can’t resist. When you decide to write an important piece of information. Try giving it in bullet points.

content attractive
Add links to make it informative

Add Relevant Links

Don’t bombard your reader with a lot of information. Keeping in mind that people on the internet are usually genre specific.  They would not be interested in any other information that is of no use to them.  But you can always add relevant links to the article. There are two types of linking – External and Internal Linking.  External linking is used when you want to cite an expert or the report from where you have used the data whereas internal linking is done to keep the reader on your website by showcasing your best work. External linking increases your credibility. On the other hand, internal linking can increase the overall reading time of your website.

How graphics and Images impact readers?

A beautiful image or a powerful graphic immediately attracts our attention, right? One of the most important tips to hold the attention of the reader is to use attractive images.  Your main aim is to bring readers to your platform. For that, there is a golden formula – Attractive Images + Strong headline rest all will follow.

The Power of Deep Captions

Write captions for your images. You can use different sources to use royalty-free and attractive images. There are a plethora of options available on the internet. Explain them in 70 – 80 characters and they too can work as a hookup point for the readers.

SEO friendly content and promotions on the right platform

Once you have written the content. It is time to check some technicalities such as SEO score of the content. One should always choose Focus Keyword in the article so it becomes easier to find it on Google.  To reach 1 lac users, it is also important to promote the article on the right platform. Depending on the nature of your article, it should be promoted on different social media platforms. For example – Political content might work better on Twitter than on Instagram. Similarly, for lifestyle and fashion, you will get more audience on Instagram instead of Twitter. Using the right platform for promotions is another factor when it comes to reaching a wider audience.

Last But Not Least Consistency

Apart from just writing high-quality content, it is also important to be consistent in the writing world. To reach a certain number on your article or website, it is important to be consistent. You can publish your article once a week or two articles per week depending on the type of audience you are dealing with but long gaps will not serve your purpose. To maintain readership and create loyal readers consistency is the key.

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