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31st May Marks No Tobacco Day, WHO Raise Environmental Concerns

On World No Tobacco Day, let’s Commit to Quit not only for us but also for the planet.


  • Suggestions By WHO
  • Tobacco’s adverse impact on health
  • Public review

May 31 marks World No Tobacco Day. On various occasions, WHO (World Health Day) highlights how tobacco threatens the development of nations worldwide. The World Health Organization strongly urges governments to implement strong tobacco control measures to save millions of lives all across the globe.

More than 8 million people die from tobacco use every year, said the United Nations in the recent briefing on World No Tobacco Day. In producing tobacco, nearly 600,000,000 trees are chopped, 84,000,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide are released into the air, and 22,000,000,000 tonnes of water are used up. The World Health Organization has further highlighted, elaborating on the implication.

Apart from health risks, WHO was concerned about the environmental implications carried along with its production, cultivation and distribution. Therefore, keeping in mind all such hazards, this year’s theme is more focused to “Protect the Environment”.

Suggestions By WHO

According to reports, the World Health Organization gave some suggestions to reduce the circulation of tobacco in the market. These include

·       banning marketing and advertising of tobacco

·       promoting plain packaging of tobacco products

·       raising excise taxes

·       and making indoor public places and workplaces smoke–free.

Tobacco’s adverse impact on health

Notably, the use of tobacco kills millions of people every year and costs households and governments over US$ 1.4 trillion through healthcare expenditure.

 World No Tobacco Day,

Here are a few essential facts that you should definitely:

  • Tobacco waste contains 7000 toxic chemicals that poison the environment.
  • Did you know tobacco waste is the most significant type of litter by count globally?
  • Cigarette butts account for 30- 40 percent of all items collected in coastal and urban clean-ups.
  • Up to 10 billion of the 15 billion cigarettes sold are sold daily and are disposed of in the environment.

Tobacco usage is a threat to our world, and it is essential to say No to it. Tobacco control can help to prevent premature deaths and can promote sustainable development.

Public review

As World No Tobacco Day was observed all across the globe. So, to celebrate its essence, the Team of One World News went out to ask about Delhi’s take on quitting tobacco consumption. The results were surprising. Everybody around us knows the harmful effects of smoking irrespective of their age, gender, and economic background. Still, people are not ready to give up their addiction to tobacco, and that’s a matter of concern.

So, if you are also planning to quit smoking? Watch out for this video. And take a pledge to quit smoking because it kills! Do not forget to like, comment and share.

In a study that an NGO conducted under a tobacco cessation program, it was found that one can quit tobacco with a simple counselling session. A session can motivate a person to say no to tobacco.

However, healthcare providers do not ask their patients about their tobacco use due to various reasons. The program has been implemented in different places, and in the two long-year surveys, it was observed that around 76 percent of people had quit tobacco consumption.

According to the NGO, simple teaching and counselling can be beneficial in the long run and can prevent students and youngsters from consuming tobacco.

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