Your Act of Kindness is Termed as Simping- Is It Fair?

 What are some decent behaviours which are often termed as Simping by people? Quora users ask the same.


CEO of Simping or Simp Nation

What is the meaning of Simping?

Quora users ask Why people call us a Simp?


If she rants about her problems and you comfort her, then you are a simp.

Simping is a term that has been blown out of proportion! Is there anything bad about listening to your friends’ problems? Over the years, the term has evolved itself, and now it is often used to criticize people who are kind, polite, and respectful to the person they like.

CEO of Simping or Simp Nation

You might have come across such terms while scrolling through social media. Instagram has over 500k posts tagged #simp. It is not a new term invented by Gen-Zers. It just gained prominence in late 2019 and early 2020 on Tik Tok. Though there remains a debate on the usage of this internet slang.

As per Tik Tokers, SIMP is something similar to friendzoned. (SORRY BOYS).

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A “simp” is a boy who does something nice for a girl with the hope that she would fall in love with him. Tik Tokers participate in the “Simp Nation” challenge by making a clip explaining a scenario when they are doing something to get the attention of someone they like, only for it not to work.

Originally, the Simp Nation was meant to be fun. However, many Tik Tokers made it into a bad joke by taking simple, friendly behaviours and twisting them into being submissive behaviours. Some of them even encourage toxic behaviours.

What is the meaning of Simping?

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The Urban dictionary defines Simp as “someone who does way too much for a person they like”. The term is typically used to make fun of people who are “too attentive and submissive to women especially out of a failed hope of winning some entitled sexual attention”.

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However, this definition has now evolved itself and now insults men for being courteous and caring. It perpetuates the idea that women are manipulative and men should maintain their dominance in a romantic relationship.

Quora users ask Why people call us a Simp?

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Some people from Quora revealed the situation when they were termed Simp.

A Quora user wrote, “I usually stand up for women. Speak for their rights. Still, people call me a simp. Why?”

Another user named Corrie Wice says, “I am looking for a serious relationship with a girl. But people call me a simp for this reason. Why?

“Why do people call women that act stereotypically masculine “pick me girls” and call men that act stereotypically feminine “simps”?”, asked another Quora user.

Emily Helen says that she really loves her boyfriend. But her friends call her a simp for this reason. Is it fair for her?

There are more such people who face the same kind of situation, where their love, kindness, expression of affection is often termed under Simping. However, is it fair?


The world is unfair to both men and women as it portrays the relationship as transactional. A healthy relationship involves respect, honesty, and open communication. Labelling people as “simp” for unlearning toxic traits that society has been preaching for so long is like simply moving back in time.

What are some decent behaviours for which people are called ‘Simp”? Has anyone called you a simp for an unnecessary reason?

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