Are you being hard on yourself? Signs you are self sabotaging

If you are quite hard on yourself, then maybe that’s a sign you are self sabotaging and you must relook at it

Do you encounter behaviours of self-destruction, feeling of nothingness and are finding yourself not enough?  Or do you think that you are undeserving of whatever you are and whatever good you have been getting this whole while? And then do have spells of overworking, burnouts to prove yourself deserving of it and to eradicate that self-doubt? Well if yes, then maybe signs that you are self sabotaging.

Here are a few signs compiled for you. Check out if you have been having such thoughts

Over analysing and Self-criticising

A common sign of self-sabotaging is over and over criticising one’s own work. Where a health evaluation of one’s work gives a reality check, self-criticising is a typical sign of self-sabotaging. The signs may include not being able to accept appreciation for your work, giving disclaimers like, “just randomly did it”, “it is not very good, it is just something I did” before getting your work reviewed and this is a sing of you treating your work, not worthy of attention.

Crediting external factor for every big and small success

Do you undermine what you achieve by crediting the people, situation, circumstances and destiny for your success and achievements? And, you always try to keep away from the limelight because you think you are not the one who deserves it. If yes, this is also a sign that you are self-sabotaging.


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Comparing oneself

There is a difference in being inspired and looking up to someone, and comparing oneself with someone. Where the former is absolutely alright, the latter, comparing oneself with others is not a healthy habit. If you tell yourself that a person of your age has done things you can’t do, and to do it, you decide to overwork and burn yourself out. So, some knowledge for you is that your competition is with yourself, from your previous self. Compare yourself with your past self and then analyse who you are today and appreciate your existence without comparison.

Can I do this?

You refrain from doing a certain thing because, at the back of your head, there is always a doubt if you will happen to successfully do it or not? And hence, you often take a step back before even trying because you want things to go well for all and if they don’t go so, you take responsibility for it no matter it is your responsibility or not.

Blaming oneself for all the wrong

You always doubt your capability and hence, when anything doesn’t fall in the right place, you incessantly start to blame yourself instead of finding out what went wrong. The idea that you are not capable of doing something is so overpowering for your subconscious, that you end in a spiral of self-doubts and blame.

Well, if you found any of the above signs in you, make sure you counter them. There is no need to over criticise yourself. What you have been achieving is because of you and all the hard work you have been doing. You don’t need to compare and set unrealistic goals for yourself. You are enough and step by step, you will touch the sky. there is nothing that you can’t do and even if there is anything that didn’t fall in place, you will figure it out by identifying the flaws and not by blaming yourself. Credit yourself for every small and big thing you do because you are absolutely enough.

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