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In the world of ‘Catch Flights, not Feelings’, here are signs that you are emotionally attracted to someone! 

Signs you are Emotionally Attracted to the guy you met: Is it ok or not?

Have you ever thought why do you love the people you love? What is it about your relationship with them that makes you care for them unconditionally? The answer is very simple – it’s an emotional attraction you feel towards them!

According to the experts, emotional attraction means that you feel connected not just to your partner’s body, but also to their heart, soul, mind, and dreams.

The fact is if you have a physical attraction for someone, it’s not going to last forever because sooner or later, you are going to get bored and move on to the next person who fascinates you more. However, if what you feel for them is rooted in emotional attraction, then know this; no amount of time that you have spent together will ever make you lose interest in them, and even after countless conversations and meetings, you still look forward to spending more time with them.

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Signs that will help you understand if you’re emotionally attracted to someone:

  1. You love them unconditionally: There are no conditions or manipulations as it is a choice to love someone no matter what may come to your way. It literally goes by the traditional wedding vows you take by saying ‘in sickness and in health till death parts us’. Satisfaction comes from putting the one you love first which is quite not the case in physical attraction.
  2. No room for awkward silence: Many of you don’t believe but it is a thing that people don’t need actual words every time to understand each other. Silence doesn’t cause any discomfort for such couples, and if you are  this emotionally attracted to someone,  then you’re the lucky and the chosen one.
  3. Time goes by a lot faster: Itdoesn’t have to belong, late-night conversations but if it does, you never realize it because you lose yourself in the moment, laughing with them and exchanging stories together. Enjoying the time and conversation with the person you love is priceless and is a good sign of emotional attraction.
  4. You know each other’s family and friends: They are so valuable that you want them to get to know the people who are important to you and once you find a person like that, you can be truly happy because this is what people look for their entire life. It is a blessing to be with someone who knows everything about you and you know everything about them.
  5. Respect each other’s decisions:Know this,  respect is more important than love in a long-term relationship as when you grow old with your soulmate and don’t feel so crazy in love like you used to, respect is what will make your relationship unbreakable.
  6. Distance is not an issue: Trust is everything in the relationship between emotional connection and physical attraction. You don’t worry about partner spending time with someone else during your absence. You feel more than ok telling your partner to go on a vacation with his/her friends without tracking social media.
  7. Being vulnerable is ok: Opening up to somebody is not easy; you can’t do this with just anyone except with a special person and once you found them, you feel the level of emotional intimacy that you have never felt before.Opening up to somebody means showing that you are vulnerable but it shows immense strength and trust and it gives you closeness.
  8. Hard to imagine life without them: When you are emotionally connected to someone, it breaks you completely when you are not able to be with them. You do everything in your power to spend your life with them. The truth is, you can get physically attracted to easily anyone, or more than one but there will be only one when it comes to emotional attraction.


Physical attraction is fun for some people as it brings out the lust in their nature and makes them excited about someone new for some time. In most cases, it happens when people build a relationship for the sake of sexual pleasure which can be called compromise and later brings only frustration and disappointment.

However, if you are looking to take things to the next level with someone you’re into in real, experts suggest some ways to help you create emotional attraction:

  1. Always listen to each other
  2. Be honest with each other
  3. Spend time and enjoy emotional experiences together
  4. Complement each other
  5. Treat each other’s family and friends with respect
  6. Establish intimacy in your relationship
  7. Turn to them for advice and respect their opinion
  8. Be yourself when you are with them
  9. Tell them how much they mean in your life
  10. Always take care of them

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