Signs That Make You Attractive More Than You Think

Here are the subtle signs of you are more attractive than you think

A lot of us wonder what other people think of us. We spend a lot of time grooming ourselves and trying to look presentable or attractive enough for them. This is because we care about what other people think of us. Why?

Whether we like to admit this fact or not, we DO care what other people think of us. Despite saying “I do not care about others”. This also determines how they treat us?

Now beauty takes a front seat in this drive.

Most people get a good gauge of how attractive they are based on the compliments they get from others, how many relationships they had, how popular they are on social media, and many others things.

However, this is not always an accurate representation of our attractiveness.

Therefore, there are subtle signs that show that you are more attractive than you think.

You do not get a lot of compliments

This happens because you think your simplicity does not fit into the beauty parameters of others. But this is not true all the time. In fact, the total opposite might be true.

You may look much better than you think and people around you already know it. So, they do not feel a need to keep reminding you.

When you do get a compliment, it feels insincere 

When you do receive a compliment from others after a long time, you get offended. People tend to remark about your appurtenance and appearance in a passing manner that you might find insincere.

But the truth is probably most of them think you look great no matter what!

Sometimes we also don’t compliment our prettiest looking friends, unless and until they wear something new.

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Strangers stare at you 

It is easy to feel self-conscious when strangers stare at you in public. When an attractive person walks into the room. A lot of us can’t resist taking a glance at them.

Raising their brows 

It happens to us a lot of times when people suddenly raise their eyebrows as soon as they see us. Raising brows happens when people see something attractive. This is a non-verbal friendly attitude.

It is also a subconscious sign that we open our eyes wide when we see something attractive. So, no need to get intimidated about it.

Making duck lips or pouting 

Making Duck-face is another subconscious thing we tend to do when we see something attractive. Pouting for a selfie does not fit this criterion. It is actually connected with a wish to kiss.

So, now if you catch someone making a duckface after seeing you, you know what it means.

People gravitate towards you 

Nothing is more attractive than that if a lot of people warm up to you easily and are comfortable around you. This is because they find you attractive and admire the way you carry yourself.

Others may act differently around you 

Do you think you make other people nervous?

Attractiveness can be sometimes intimidating and it can be hard to keep cool in the company of attractive people.

So, they may not know how to communicate with an attractive person.

People are surprised by your insecurities 

People find it hard to believe that the person they used to admire also has insecurities. This happens because according to them, you are gorgeous and perfect and should not feel unsure about anything. But that is okay! Everyone struggles with low self-esteem.

People are surprised when you dig out flaws in yourself that hardly matter to anybody or might be fallacious. It means people love the way you look.

Do you agree with these signs? Is there anything you want to add? Tell us in the comments.

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