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Sidharth Shukla died due to heart attack: Decoding the symptoms & how to keep the heart healthy

Do these things to avoid heart attack and other issues

Actor and Bigg Boss 13 winner Sidharth Shukla died after suffering from a heart attack. His sudden demise also ignited a serious discussion about rising heart issues among people. Shukla is among those actors who led a healthy lifestyle. But still there are certain things which need to be maintained for a healthy heart. 

Today people are less conscious about health. Many of them want to look good and feel good. To achieve this, it is very much essential to prevent major problems especially those associated with the heart. They are very common nowadays.  

The causes of heart issues could be

  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Defect in heart valve
  • Thick arteries 
  • Obesity 
  • And Stress

Warning signs your heart is giving you

Keep a tab on your cholesterol levels and mark your blood pressure. If you experience any of the following signs get a trip to the doctor.

1.   Chest soreness or pain

2.   Shortness of breath 

3.   Light-headedness

4.   Sleep disturbances

5.   Bad breath

6.   Yawing during exercise

If you are well-informed and observant, you can catch the warning signs.  

Most of these causes are because of our faulty lifestyle and attitude. So, here are few tips which would help us to prevent varieties of heart problems.

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Reduce cholesterol

There are 3 types of fats:


1.   Saturated fat

Saturated fats should be taken in a limited amount. It could be dairy products like ghee. A spoon of ghee in a day is advisable. Fresh cottage cheese could also be taken in limit. 

2.   Unsaturated fat

We get unsaturated fat from peanuts and other kinds of nuts, seeds, olive oil, and so on. Now, this fat is supposed to be a good kind of fat as it helps to remove the blockages from our system. It gives healthy cholesterol, developing a healthy heart. 

3.   Trans fat

As far as trans-fat is concerned, one should avoid it. We get these from refined food, packed food, roasted food, and fried food. 

It is also very important to understand that we should avoid alcohol, smoking, and non-vegetarian food. 

Work on your mind

The cardiac issue is more common in Type A Personalities. These people want to rush for everything in life. They are quick to act. Hurry and worry are common traits of type A personality. This creates a problem with their system. As their thinking process is too fast, they want to perform quickly. 

Here the need to calm themselves arises. A person cannot expect perfection from the outer world. One has to maintain perfection within. 

The haste of expecting things perfectly from others brings chaos in life, blood pressure shoots up, and cholesterol level rises.  

Yoga always says to do things calmly. To bring calmness to your body there are multiple meditative techniques available. 

1.   Sukhasana

yoga asanas

2.   Nispanda bhav 

Such habits can do wonders in tackling heart attacks. If you slept after eating heavy food, more than half the capacity of your stomach, it will turn out to be risky. 

Try to eat a little and sleep with a calm mind after 3 hours of your last meal. All these things should be a regular discipline of your life. 

Yoga Asanas

There are certain asanas person should be performed regularly to process proper circulation in your whole body so that there is a lesser and lesser strain on your heart. It includes:

1.   Yashtikasana

2.   Pavanamuktasana

3.   Supt Vakrasana

4.   Hastapadangushthasana

Yoga keeps the body tension-free. The tensions in our body are received firstly by our abdominal region. Therefore, the abdomen should be kept tension-free, relaxed, and flexible. 

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