Side Effects of having Tea will leave your jaws open!

Drinking excessive amount of tea can adversely affect your health

Tea is the very first thing that comes to our mind after waking up in the morning, right? Tea is the favorite beverage for many people to kick-start their day. It comforts us in the rainy season, winters and it acts like a medicine during sniffles and slight fever. We hear so much about the health benefits of tea that saying no to it is next to impossible. But do you know it can have a lot of side affects too?

Having Tea

Morning is always a good time for a cup of tea but the black tea can provide the boost of energy you need to start your day, while in the evening, herbal tea can serve as a relaxing drink before going to bed. Depending on how much tea you drink and its specific type, however, tea has the potential to lead to some unpleasant side effects.

    • Anxiety and Restlessness: When thinking about the side effects of tea, consider the drink’s content caffeine in it. According to the studies, a cup of tea can often have between 14 and 60 milligrams of caffeine, which is less than the caffeine found in coffee. Whatever, it could provide a noticeable dose of energy for some people. Although caffeine affects people in different ways, too much tea can lead to anxiety, restlessness and sleepless nights.
Having Tea
  • Caffeine Withdrawing: If you have made tea a part of your daily routine and eventually, find yourself needing a cup or two to deal with your day, you’ve likely developed an addiction to the stimulant drug. It could be possible that you might get experience unexpected symptoms, including trouble concentrating, headaches and excessive fatigue. The side effects of caffeine withdrawal are serious enough that some doctors consider the issue a mental disorder.
  • Sleep Disruption: Caffeine can have a mild diuretic drug effect, but typically only if you have 5 to 8 cups of tea after you haven’t had tea for a long period of time. In general, tea isn’t a diuretic if you drink it moderately. Although you might know to skip the caffeinated tea before bed in favor of a type of tea that doesn’t contain caffeine, the fluid intake before bed might cause you to have to urinate during the night.

Be sure to use your common sense when drinking tea- like black tea contains fluoride, which has the potential of harming your bones if you consume it in a large amount for a long time.

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