Shutdown of Kalasa-Banduri project peaceful so far: Police

On Friday the Police Commissioner Pandurang Rane said that the shutdown which is called by different political organisations and farmers across the region of Mumbai- Karnataka has so far been peaceful with no unexpected incident .

Tension surrounded the region as its people demanded an immediate completion of the Kalasa-Banduri nalla project across the Mahadayi River to meet the drinking water needs of Mumbai and Karnataka region.


Kalasa-Banduri nalla project site

“In the view of shutdown today in Hubli and Dhadwad city, the situation is completely peaceful. Few members of some organisations are observing this shutdown. The shops have been closed and KSRTC buses are not in use, otherwise it is absolutely peaceful,” said Rane.

The locals took out a march led by the Janata Dal (Secular) leaders Basavaraj Horatti and Rajanna Koravi which met at the Rani Channamma Circle.

The leaders gave a message addressed to the Chief Minister urging to privide the State and Its people access to adequate drinking water.

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