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Showering etiquette that we all need to know!

Here is why we all should learn showering etiquette

Well, showering is a basic etiquette that we all learn in our childhood. Showering not only keeps us clean, but also keeps us refresh for the entire day. Given that most of us have been showering every day for almost our whole lives, but actually—and somewhat surprisingly—there is a lot of bad information out there about showering, including some of the most widely accepted popular wisdom.

Here is why you need to know about showering etiquette
Here is why you need to know about showering etiquette

Here are some of the myths you might be unknowingly bringing into the shower.

Myth #1. Loofahs and washcloths wins bar soap

A lot of us use loofahs washcloths while showering instead of using a bar soap which is not correct. A recent survey has founded that almost half of Americans think bar soap is covered in germs. However, according to a study in Epidemiology & Infection, bar soap does not tend to transfer bacteria to your skin. Rather, it’s loofahs we should be worried about. Since they are so porous, dead skin cells can get stuck in there. If you are going to use either, you should clean or replace them between showers.

Myth #2. Hot water is best

Majority of people take bath from hot water which might damage your skin badly. While it may be nice to bath under the hot water, dermatologists do not recommend it. Instead they suggest using lukewarm water instead, since hot water can wash off your skin’s natural oils. The natural oil that you have in your skin is much better than any moisturizer you can put on your skin, so it’s better to keep that oil on your skin.

Myth #3. The longer, the better

It’s good to enjoy long hours shower once in a while, but it is not what’s best for your skin . Like heat, long showers can drain your skin of the oils it produces. Same goes for baths, unfortunately: Better to keep them short and moderate temperature.

Showering Etiquette
Showering Etiquette

Myth #4. Water temperature affects your pores

You might have been taught that cold water closes your pores while hot water opens them. But according to board-certified dermatologist Tsippora Shainhouse, M.D., pore size is genetic, and it won’t change when you step into or out of the shower. (If your skin gets less red after showering with cold water, that’s more likely due to blood vessels closing.)

Myth #5. You should shower in the morning

Well, taking shower early morning is really good but timings to take shower is entirely an individual choice. Since taking bath from cold water in the morning can help you to wake up but many dermatologist recommends showering at night because it rinses off everything that is accumulated on your skin during the day. Or you can shower twice a day.

Myth #6. You should dry off with a brisk toweling. Try to avoid rubbing your skin with your towel, because this can irritate it. Instead, pat your skin dry to minimize friction.

Myth #7. You should wait to apply moisturizer until your skin is dry

Do not hold out! Moisturizing right when you step out of the shower helps lock the moisture. If you wait, you risk getting dry skin.

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