Confused whether to repair or buy new furniture, read here to end the confusion

The manufacturing of an average piece of furniture produces 47 kg of carbon dioxide, equivalent to 20L of gasoline

Whether it is at the house or the workplace, furniture is essential in any setting. Furniture offers functional conveniences as we use it for storage, sitting, and sleeping. However, they also serve aesthetic purposes, as they can complete the atmosphere of a room. You would not put a sofa in the bathroom, would you? However, as necessary as furniture is, it can be expensive. For example, the price of a decent sofa Australia is often above $1,000. Thus, buying furniture is a costly investment that you may be reluctant to replace when they become worn out or damaged. Moreover, there is old furniture, which may also have sentimental value. For these cases, availing furniture repairs may be your best bet.

Why is keeping an eye on furniture important?

First things first, ignoring the problem is never the solution. You may think to yourself, “Who cares anyway? I can still sit on that chair or write on that table”. Just like with everything else, neglecting small furniture problems can allow them to compound before becoming a safety hazard. As silly as it may sound, a defective chair collapsing under you or a shelf giving way from a load that it is supposed to carry can send you to the hospital. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission reports that 2,600 Australians end up in the hospital every year because of injuries from toppling furniture and televisions. Children, especially those between the ages 1 and 3, are more at risk because of their curiosity and lack of awareness. Since 2001, at least one child dies every year and more receive severe injuries because of unstable furniture and appliances.

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Furniture Repairs over Replacement

Now, you are left with either furniture repairs vs. replacement. As with all other things, cost-effectiveness should be the main reason here too. If the issue is only minor, such as loose or wobbly legs or an uneven table, then you are better off selecting repairs. If the furniture is not even that old and probably got damaged because of abuse, then, here again, you must consider repair over replacement. In other cases, you could also have old furniture, with the sentimental value. For instance, you may not want to replace a dresser that has been with your family for generations. In such situations, you will need a furniture repairs service provider who knows how to handle vintage or antique products.

Only when all hope is lost is when replacement is a good idea. Scenarios include a creaking sofa, which can indicate internal structural damage. These issues are still fixable, but their costs may be as much as buying a replacement.

Benefits of Furniture Repairs

If you choose to repair, then you may be considering doing it yourself so you can save some cash. While that is admirable, if you have little to no idea of what you are doing, you may be setting yourself up for more expenses in the future for further repairs and possibly even injuries. Just like with any unfamiliar job, the best option is to have reliable professionals do it for you.

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If you choose repairs, then the obvious benefit is cutting back on expenses. However, the advantages extend beyond practicality. Choosing furniture repairs over replacement is better for the environment. Manufacturing of an average piece of furniture produces 47 kg of carbon dioxide equivalents, which is equivalent to burning more than 20 L of gasoline.

When you feel that table wobbles or that sofa having less cushion, before you go on searching for a replacement, consider repairing it first. Thus, you will be doing yourself, others, your wallet, and even the environment a huge favour.

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