Should Virat Kohli lead the team in world T20?

It’s high time for Indian cricket team to think about Virat Kohli as captain of the team.

Getting success in one format does not mean guarantee success in another. But India’s test skipper Virat kohli has shown marvelous performance as a captain in Paytm series.

He has an ability to rouse the troops, read the game and play tactical cards, all these qualities are enough to lead young team well.

In fourth test, Kohli shows contagious enthusiasm, his sturdy support of Umesh Yadav and clever and attacking placement. Kohli has shown a rare flair for his new role, right from the Adelaide last year, when he led the team for first time.

Virat Kohli


Kohli is currently enjoying the best part cent of success, among recent Indian captains who have led in 10 or more tests; after India’s consecutive test series wins in Sri Lanka and at home.

Kohli said, “Captaincy is not an easy job. You do have challenging situations. You hadn’t to maintain your focus, wait for the half chance. Too many changes also send out wrong messages. It’s about not panicking. That one wicket will come at one stage and after that you have to cash in with an aggressive mindset.”

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