Do you know about this? Shocking yet a reality of UPSC

 Shocking yet a reality of UPSC

You people might be wondering about what we are talking about? Here, we are referring to the one of the toughest exam that is UPSC exam. Many youngsters dream to crack the exam and every year so many students work hard and appear in the exams but ofcourse only some of them crack it.

 Shocking yet a reality of UPSC


According to the of the UPSC performance analysis, candidates in the reserved categories– SC, ST and OBC– perform poorly in comparison to students belonging to the general category. One more thing this was the case not just for the written examination, but also the interview stages. Analysis further revealed that, SC students do rather better than ST and OBC candidates.

Here is the dream of UPSC topper Tina Dabi, you also take a look!

We are not at all comparing anyone everyone’s hard work have a fruitful results so you give your 100 percent and definitely in return you will get 100 percent!.

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