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Shocking: No More Tomatoes In Your McDonald’s Burger?

Your favourite McAloo Tikki will no longer have tomatoes, as the company decides to hold back on tomato purchases due to poor quality.

McDonald’s Burger Without Tomatoes Due To Quality Concerns

The recent hike in tomato prices will now also impact your pocket-friendly meals. McDonald’s Burger will now come without tomatoes, according to the company as they are concerned about the drop in quality. 

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The fast food chain has taken the decision to remove tomatoes from its burgers and wraps in multiple locations across the country. This comes in the backdrop of tomatoes touching a record-high price of Rs.120 in many parts of India. The poor supply and production have caused an increase in the prices of tomatoes. Excessive rains and heatwaves in northern India and some states of the South have also spoilt the growing batch of tomatoes, driving the prices higher. 

This increase has definitely affected the general population who have chosen to reduce their consumption. 

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McDonald’s Notice About Poor Quality Tomatoes

A notice in McDonald’s store in Delhi reads- “Despite our best efforts, we are not able to get adequate quantities of tomatoes which pass our stringent quality checks. Hence, for the time being we are forced to serve you products without tomatoes.”

The company has also said that this is a “temporary” and seasonal issue and will soon be resolved. The notice also said that they are “working to get the tomato supplies back.”  

The rise in the price of tomatoes is a concern for not just McDonald’s but many restaurants in India as tomato is the main ingredient in many dishes. This rise in price could be further passed down to consumers who will have to pay more for their dishes as well. 

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