Shocking facts you didn’t know of about tampons

Many women are unaware of the risks while using tampons and ultra thin sanitary pads. Every woman often neglects and is ignorant about using them that the usage of them has become a silent health threat over the years like a ticking time bomb.

Tampon Tampon[/caption]


1. There are chemicals in pads, which can cause health problems. Dioxin present in pads cause abnormal tissue growth in the reproductive organs.

2. Deodorants used in pads can cause infertility and birth defects.

3. Cellulose in super absorbent can cause cervical cancer

4. Phthalates also called plasticizers gives a smooth finish to tampons can lead to multiple organ damage.

5. If you don’t change your pad or tampon in 4 hours, it can cause toxic shock syndrome and even death.

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