Sheela Chamariya, an artist with a vision

“Techniques of art can be taught but not its aesthetics…Life itself is the biggest source of inspiration for me.” – Sheela Chamariya

It’s the lucidity of her sculptures, the flow of emotions in them and the sharpness in her strokes that make each artwork of hers, a masterpiece. Through the various mediums and techniques that she has practiced over the years, she has created a niche for herself. Sheela Chamariya, a Delhi based artist, who has been an experimentalist and a visionary in the field of sculptures, caught in a small tete-a-tete with Kiran Chopra. We bring you some excerpts…

How would you describe yourself?

A compassionate soul, who trusts and forgives people easily, also, may be a little adventurous and in love with doing off beat things. Basically, an incorrigible dreamer! Well yes, that’s what I am…

How did sculpting start?

Making sculptures ‘happened’ to me, and thank god for that- otherwise I would have been a part of some medical brigade or doing science research in some boring lab. But I guess I was destined to be a sculptor as I have always been inclined towards art and craft but never, not even in my wildest dream had I imagined that I would take it up as a profession.


Since childhood, I would represent my school for any art activity, be it inter-school competition or school decoration, etc. and the trend continued during college as well.

Meanwhile, during my science graduation, on one hand, I was surrounded by super scientifically inclined activities and on the other; I dared to take up a part time option of designing textile and garments.

During the same time I took sculpting as a hobby, which has ultimately turned into a soul satisfying profession. And, what can be better than your hobby being your profession?


Artist Sheela Chamariya with Rajya Sabha MP Renuka Chowdary

The sculptures that you make are quite graphic and yet emote at the same time,What is the inspiration and the message that you want to give through your work?

True, being a science student, I was always fascinated by geometrical and graphical representations. Perhaps what I learned stayed in my subconscious and became my language of expression for the delicate emotions, inspired by relationships in and around me, be it human to human ,human to animal, nature or say life it self…

My works usually depicts happy moments, which everyone can relate to and more often than not brings a smile to the viewers. In other words, in this rat race of life, where one tends to forget the lighter moments of life, I would say, live your life to the fullest, love and cherish the moments of happiness and this is what keeps us all going. I believe this is also the essence of life.


Sheela Chamaria with her work at India Art Fair 2015

How much of your personality is portrayed in your art-work?

Well my work is a medium through which I express my moods, thoughts, involvement, and my total being!

Sculpting or painting, what needs more patience and thought process?

Both are mediums to express and need the same amount of dedication and seriousness, although sculpting, I would say, is more demanding, technically.

When was your first experiment with wax and paper?

Ages back. I Guess I was making one of my science project files and during my degree program, Michael was staying with us. He got very impressed by the way I was designing the file cover and he decided to take me under his informal training and I continued experimenting, off and on till I found my own language. Since then, there’s been no looking back.

Is it hard to blend colours with wax?

More than hard, it is tedious and boring, but the end result is totally mesmerizing. Somewhat like photographic effects. I am hooked on to this medium for the fluidity and the smooth textures of its finishes, which is amazing; the blend of different colours in different schemes of red, green, blue, pink and in various forms like with silvery tinge or without, is astonishing and impressive.


Sheela Chamaria with Bhavana Kakar Director, Latitude 28

Do you believe that art can be taught?

Techniques of art can be taught but not the aesthetics.

Define art. What is your understanding of it?

Art has a different meaning for different people but ultimately it is a tool to connect with your inner and outer space and it is the medium that expresses various aspects of life. For me, it is a way to show my love for nature, for celebration of emotions and a way of life.

Which are the artists that you admire?

The list is pretty long but I guess I love Picasso, the most.

Where do you derive inspiration from?

From everywhere and everything; people, moments, nature. In fact, life itself is the biggest source of inspiration for me.

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