Shah Rukh Khan shares lockdown lessons and why we all should take notes

The dimple king gave us another reason to fall in love with him all over again!

Shah Rukh Khan aka King Khan never fails to impress his fans. Ever since the announcement of lockdown to curb the spread of deadly Coronavirus, the ‘Kal ho na ho’ actor has been inspiration for all his audience. From interacting with his fans on twitter in his #AskSRK session to sharing his lessons he learnt during lockdown he has always kept his fans engaged. Shah Rukh Khan also turned into a singer. Participating in the ‘I for India Concert’, SRK belted out a lockdown themed song ‘Sab sahi hojayega’ and left us all spellbound.

SRK’s Lockdown lesson

Staying indoor for about 2 months now has surely not been a cake walk.  It was hard to restrict ourselves from going out. Worst was to see the pain of labourers who are deprived of basic necessities. The past two months have not at all been good for the entire nation. Some of us lost our dear ones, some of us are surving on just one – square meal per day. Amid all these negativity going on around us, the romance king gave all of us a valuable lesson. The King Khan wrote lockdown lessons on Instagram. This is what the entire post says.

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“That we have been living far beyond our exigencies, most of which don’t really matter as much as we thought they did. That we really don’t need (emotionally) more people around us than the ones we feel like talking to while we are locked up. That we can stop the clock for a bit and reimagine our lives when the rush to acquire false securities is peeled away from us. That we can laugh with those we fought so hard…and know that our ideas weren’t actually any bigger than theirs. And above all, love is still worth it, no matter what anyones else tell you!”

Why we should all take notes?

We all can relate with the lesson SRK has given. This phase has taught us to live without the things which we felt were necessary for survival. This has also made us realise the importance of people and relations. He also mentioned the value of love and emotions and how that triumph everything in the world. This period has given us an opportunity to look back and see how we are leading our life. It’s high time now, we should realise how uncertain the human life is. We should always count our blessings and value the people that we have got in our lives.

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