Seven Lessons that Lord Krishna taught us!

Seven Lessons that Lord Krishna taught us!

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Lord Krishna was the avatar of Lord Vishnu, who led a simple life and gave us the ultimate guide for living a happy life.

His teachings are simple yet meaningful and if we incorporate them in our life, it will bring both happiness as well as success.

Here are seven secrets of Lord Krishna to live a happy and prosperous life.

  1. Do not cry for your past, do not worry about the future, just go with the flow and concentrate on your present
  2. Have faith in your gut feelings because our conscience never lies to us. Our mind our biased, it analysis all the things into good and bad, and sometimes when we over think, it finds bad from good as well
  3. Believe in friendship and cherish your good friends forever
  4. Be empathetic and try to look things from other person’s view too
  5. Have faith in Karma because whatever you do later comes back to you
  6. Follow the path of Dharma, I am not talking about the overrated term but Dharma means (set of rules to make our life easy) .
  7. Do not wear any mask and be true to yourself as well as to others.
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