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‘Seva’: Importance of indulging in ‘Selfless Service’  

‘SEVA’, a path of ultimate happiness & salvation without the intention of personal gain


We often come across people preaching about the importance of helping others. Spiritual Gurus, mentors, and religious texts often say the joy of giving is far more satisfying than the joy of getting and can be likened to thrill or high. For many Sikhs, Seva is the way of living and it is a part of their daily life. But anyone can practice it. Indulging in selfless service is always a good idea. There are many ways to do Seva.  Be it feeding hungry, educating an illiterate, offering clothes to the needy, or even helping animals. All these are a form of selfless service.


There are so many benefits of doing Seva. It not only brings joy to an individual but it also makes society more harmonious. But before you decided to indulge in one, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

selfless service

A service is a powerful tool. Often people indulge for the benefit of self(that’s fine), however, if the benefit to the self becomes the main motive behind seva, it will not bring that kind of satisfaction that you want. Even if you are seeking happiness, you need not focus only on that.  It will bring you joy and happiness only it is done without the intention of any personal gain. Engage in service selflessly – that is, helping people out of compassion, without a conscious thought of personal benefit.


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Now, when you understand this concept. Here is how you can indulge in selfless service in different ways? Selfless service means investing your time, money, or even imparting your skills to others. Whatever you can do, you should do! For example, if you cannot donate, then you can impart your skills to others. Educate someone, make people aware of their rights. You can give your time to someone. Listen to someone carefully or spend time with animals.

selfless service


What selfless service gives you?

It helps you to become a better human being. It brings you inner peace and fills you with the feeling of warmth and gratitude. Talking medically is also a form of therapy. When you help others, you forget your pain and that brings a different perspective in life. Now, is it the ultimate path to happiness? In today’s era, a lot of us crave internal happiness. We keep looking for it in materialistic things, abusive relationships, or in a mundane routine. But we forget that happiness is a journey, not a destination. When you indulge in any sort of selfless service, you actually take out time for yourself too. You do things that you want to do. Thus, it fills you with a warm and happy feeling.

selfless service


Now, it is the ultimate path for salvation?

It is a pathway to god. It is an important concept in a number of religions. Be it Hindu or Sikh, everyone preaches about the power of service. It is considered an essential devotional practice is indirectly serving the almighty. God is perceived as someone who always thinks about the well -being of others. If you help others, go helps you.

selfless service


Before we wrap up, take a look at this inspiring story:

Once there was a mill worker. He was very poor but he wanted to help others. While going to his workplace every day, he saw a man who used to donate money to people in need. One day he asked god – I want to help others but you didn’t bless me with money. I don’t have it for myself how can I help others?

To which, God replied,

Son you have a hand to lend it to someone in need, you have a precious smile, pass it to someone who is having a bad day. Help others in whatever ways you can, donating money is not the only service.

Moral: Help others in whatever ways you can! Its efforts that matters

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