India is Crazy For Fake Babas Despite Serious Charges Against Them

Indian Self-styled god persons who were famous for all the wrong reasons

Indian self-styled Godmen, Babas, Maas, or clerics have millions of followers. They are admired for their views, ideologies, and spiritual beliefs. People worship them like God.

However, there are ‘some’ Godmen who took undue advantage of people’s beliefs and trust. In addition, they made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Note: We are not targeting any religion, religious beliefs, or faith of any individual or group. Our motive here is to warn you against the wrong practices undertaken by any self-styled Godmen or women to hurt someone’s religious sentiments and take undue advantage of them.

Chote Maharaj Anand Giri

The recent Baba who was in news for the wrong reasons was ‘Chote Maharaj’ Anand Giri. He is the prime accused of abetting late Mahant Narendra Giri’s suicide. However, he was in the limelight for many other reasons too. From an unabashed display of flamboyance to being arrested for inappropriate behavior with women, he is tangled in many controversies.

No one knows the truth behind the death of Mahant Narendra Giri. But the flash lifestyle of Anand Giri has once again highlighted the undesirable connection between crime and godmen.


His videos always went viral on social media. Nithyananda was accused of rape. One of his videos, with a South-Indian actress in a compromising condition, created a lot of furor. He fled and founded a nation Kailaasa. 

Asaram Babu

This godman had followers even across the nation. Asaram Babu was arrested in 2013 after a teenage devotee accused him of rape. In 2018, Asaram was found guilty of the rape of an underage girl.

He is currently serving life imprisonment in jail. Asaram had established hundreds of Ashrams before his arrest.

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Ram Rahim  

Who does not know the love charger, Ram Rahim? Producing films, directing his movies, singing, dancing, acting, he was an all-rounder godman.

You had never seen a Baba who could dance, sing, act, and more while giving sermons. But this super baba also bears malice.

In 2017, he was convicted of two rape charges. His arrest saw wide-scale vandalism and violence.

Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui

Fooling people in the name of faith is not religion specific. Recently, Uttar Pradesh’s anti-terror squad had busted one of the largest conversion syndicates. Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui was arrested by the ATS for the largest conversions of Non-Muslims to Islam.

The accused owned trusts and Madarsas in Delhi and across other states, which receives massive funding from foreign countries.

Siddiqui, a resident of Muzaffarnagar is also accused of sexual exploitation and trafficking of women. He had allegedly converted over 5 lakh people.

Radhe Maa

Radhe Maa is a self-proclaimed god woman. Her followers include the list of many renowned personalities like Subhash Ghai, Ravi Kishan, Dolly Bindra, etc. Her house named Radhe Maa Bhavan was given to her by devotees.

She ran into trouble when Mumbai-based businessman Sanjeev Gupta’s daughter-in-law Nikki accused Radhe Maa of inciting her in-laws to demand dowry.

Actress Dolly Bindra also filed a criminal case of sexual exploitation against Radhe Maa.

She was also defamed for wearing miniskirts. These pictures were accessed by a hacker from her official website www.radhemaa.com. The website also includes pictures that allegedly showed her embracing two men.

Swami Om

He gained much popularity after Bigg Boss 10 where he was evicted due to shameful acts. However, that was not the first time when Swami Om had embarrassed himself on national television.

In a talk show, he indulged in a fistfight with a woman. He was also accused of stealing a bicycle, hoarding weapons, and extorting money from women by using obscene photos.


The list of such Babas is long. Many godmen have similar charges.

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