Weekly Horoscope: 20th September -26th September

Weekly Horoscope: 20th September – 26th September

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to 06kiranrai@gmail.com


Aries: Your relation with partner looks strenuous. Try to control your temperament, specially outward approach among outsiders. Overall situation won’t be as per your expectation. Involve yourself in social work as well as physical work out to keep your calm in any situation. In general, you will add more work in your daily routine. Travelling should be delayed or avoided. 


Taurus: Your quarrelsome behavior will create enemies in this period. You may not react through words but body language will be ruder than words. Do not ignore health and must visit your family doctor even for small problems. Only planned and nutritious diet should be taken to avoid any health problem. A lukewarm condition of your finance can be seen. 


Gemini: You will have support of siblings in a certain area of life. Try to involve yourself in reading and meditation. Your words are definitely going to justified many situations but at the same time, your words will be the reason to multiply enemies. Financial growth can be seen in this period. Overall, a week to play safe to for more gains. 


Cancer: Chances of striking cupid will be more in this period. Again, a highly articulated and structured preformatted rules of yours are going to restrain you from accepting any strange situation. Planets will help you to take better decision in this week. Your own decision will guide you the better way. Keep a check on your food habit to avoid any digestive issue. 


Leo: You will be blessed with gift of gab which may take you to the right place. Proper blend of wisdom and action will be going to give you success. Your anxiety related to kids will be eventually decreasing in next few weeks. You will relish the luxuries around. Spiritual thoughts as well as helping society in any form will be your main goal of this period. 


Virgo: Your workaholic attitude will keep you agile and alert more in this week. Your quick decision as well as execution may amaze others. You can expect support from female friends or any female in this period. Suddenly an old friend may propose you if falls in the adequate age bracket. Marital happiness will be missing in this period. 


Libra: Your partner’s attitude may deter your opinion in most of the aspects of life. Your family will be very supportive. You may invest in new venture or your tie-up with new company mostly from foreign countries. Marriage proposals can be expected in next few weeks. You need to have extra cautious while dealing your siblings. 


Scorpio: This period will turn your enemies into friends or in other words, your friends will be beneficial for you. Your will have such courage to take decision without anyone’s help.  You will prefer to stay alone and away from worldly pleasures. You may have good news at professional front. A moderate week is knocking your door. 


Sagittarius: You may be having good experience of family and friends in this period. Your partner or spouse will help to pull you out from any adverse situation, presently. Nevertheless, your relation won’t be good with spouse. Monetary aspect will be good. Students of this sign will perform well in academics. There are chances to meet young people in this period. 


Capricorn: This planetary situation may have a gradual improvement in the package. Your inner happiness is definitely going to be enhanced. Love life will take a U-Turn in your life and such feeling may give you sense of achievements. Other people, out of that age and situation brackets, will also have time to show conquer over their certain goal.


Aquarius: You will start spending more on people around and eventually people may have ray of hope from you. Overall situation will give you better mental state. You opinion regarding human life will contain practical as well as emotional contents. This will give you a complete package to face every situation wisely. 


Pisces: This period will add flavor in your fortune. With less work, you can expect more output. But relation with spouse can be little harsher than before. Your dominance on partner may toll your relation. Be careful while dealing for any new business. Your words may take you to wrong place or palace. Choose them aptly. 

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