Weekly Horoscope: 13th September-19th September

Weekly Horoscope: 13th September-19th September 

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Sudden spurt of anger may destroy your plan. Your temperament will effect your relationship with your partner or spouse.  Inner satisfaction seems missing in this period. This situation can be pacified only through efforts of being clam with no reaction in any situation. Financial condition looks stable and satisfactory. 


Taurus: You may be feeling your area of movement is limited due to circumstances around. Your effort to come out of this condition can make you aggressive. Relation with siblings will remain unpleasant. You are definitely going to take a smart move or politically correct step but ethically not correct step for your image in society.


Gemini: Your words may be sweetly harsh or in other words your effort to be politically correct is not going to support you and chances of being exposed in public is more. Internally strained relation with siblings will be intact and fortunately, nobody would be able to notice the truth about internal matter. Financial aspect is good in this period. 


Cancer: Your strict disciplined routine may somehow strained your relation with loved ones. Friends or acquaintances may behave absurd and unexpected. Be careful. At times, you may feel insecure about your future and the situation you are going through. People those who have been working in telecommunication and journalism, may have good time.  


Leo: A pleasant feeling with a religious mind can be experienced altogether in this period. Authority will support or co-operate you in your venture. Monetary benefits can be expected in this period. Romantic life may be at bay. Your personality will have an extra charm. Younger siblings need your extra attention to sustain a good relation. Overall, a good time can be expected. 


Virgo: After long time you will find yourself a bit away from short tempered character. But you tongue will continue with the same which you won’t even realize. It is advised to speak after giving wise thought on each and every decision. Your attitude will be extremely fresh and agile. Several sources of income are going to open for you in these days.


Libra: Your focus will be more towards your work. This may reflect in the outcome of your efforts too. Planning to meet friends from high authority or from upper strata can be expected in this period. You can plan to invest in a business in this period. Relation with parents looks better. Your opponents can turn into your strength. Overall, a good week is assured. 


Scorpio: You may be away from your partner or spouse due to any reason such as opinion differences, work pressure or health issues. Your spouse will facilitate you with luxuries. Those who have been waiting for promotion or increment, they may get some good news. You may have partially trust issue with your kids too. But it won’t prolong. 


Sagittarius: You need to work harder to maintain a good relation with your mother. At some points, you will be reluctant on your decisions that behavior may prove extremely good for students but this may disturb to others. You may feel dissatisfaction regarding financial aspect. But your kids and parents will be supportive in this period.


Capricorn: Love life may try to take a leap but aspect of malefic planets won’t let you go ahead with it. Professional life gives you immense satisfaction in this period. Isolation, seclusion, self-introspection will prevail in your behavior. Students of this sign may try to pursue higher education or perform well at present in their goal.


Aquarius: By dint of sheer hard work, you can reach and achieve your goal. A mixed effect of communication can make way for income with little difficulty. You will have good financial support or condition at present. Health needs your attention. Marriage proposal can be expected for eligible people in this period. 


Pisces: Meeting old friends and relishing olden days will be in your weekly agenda. You would like to take lead in family matters. Romantic life will be under scanner. Rest of the area of life will work smooth. Younger siblings can be reason of botheration in this period. Earning from foreign land or import-export would give you success. A moderate period is approaching your way. 

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