Sense and sensitivity

13th November 2015. A day that will be etched in the memories of people all around the world. The day of the Paris Attack.

Chennai,November 2015?

Pray For Chennai


Do people remember anything? Do people know what is going on? No.

This post by Balaji Narayan, a Facebook user, has been going viral. And that too, for the right reasons. Look at the post and compare two situations that occurred in the same month, but how they
have received different responses.

The recent spate of events has been testing the ‘sensitivity’ of people across the globe. With violence on the increase, people have, and are becoming more and more accustomed to seeing such events as a daily occurance, making them, one would suppose, pick and choose situations which demand their concern.

That said, Paris was wonton act by humans, whereas Chennai is being viewed by many as a ‘Act of God’. However, that in no way diminishes the suffering of the people, nor mitigates the deep sense of loss of the family members who lost their lives to the floods.

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