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Senior Nomads Blog: Keep the ‘Travel Enthu’ Alive in you!

Senior Nomads Blog: Everything you need to know 

How can you widen your horizon? The answer to this question is – Travelling. The more you travel, the more you become wise and knowledgeable. It just not only gives a break from your monotonic routine, but it also helps you to look at life differently. However, a lot of us do not travel often. There could be various reasons such as work commitments, financial status, shortage of time, or any other reason. But then, there are people who never give up on the desire of traveling. Today, we are going to talk about US couple Debbie and Michael Campbell. The couple decided to sell their possessions and spend their time travelling after retirement, isn’t that cool? They share their traveling experience via Senior Nomands Blog.

Senior Nomads Blog

Here is everything you need to know about Senior Nomads Blog

They began their journey in the year 2013. The retired couple is from Seattle and they gave up everything for traveling.  They have visited 80 countries so far and they are not done yet. They call themselves senior Nomads and they have been sharing their experience via their blog with the same name. The couple said that they have funded their journey from their savings. They have even sold their house just to see the world. Now, that is called “Passion”. According to the couple, they spent average $90 per night, spread across 163 Airbnb rentals, to enjoy their different type of retirement.

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Retirement: A new innings

Retirement doesn’t mean the end of your dreams and career. You can always pursue your dreams because age is just a number. Debbie and Michael Campbell are the live examples. Yes, we agree not everybody can afford it, and selling your belongings is not easy. But passion is passion. You might not travel the whole world like them but you should definitely keep travel enthu alive in you.

Check out the link of their blog: http://seniornomads.com/blog/

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