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Buy Sena Jal at Rs. 6, Find out where?

People are urging to buy Sena Jal, par milega Kahan?

Sena Jal – You must have not heard this name over any advertisement on Television sets, radio stations, in newspapers, or on any banner. Probably, you have heard this only through social media or via WhatsApp forward. Most of such messages include an emotional quotient related to the Indian Army.

Some of the messages read:

Support Sena Jal Army Water Which Cost You Just ₹6. Anywhere you are in India, we recommend you to use only Army Water Which costs you just ₹6. Its packaged water bottle was inaugurated Wednesday, October 11, 2017, and from then to now, they are updating its services from time to time.

  Sena Jal is Made by our Indian Army Families.
  The Profit of these Sena Jal water will go towards the welfare of the soldier & war widows Association (AWWA). They are also offering #SenaJal for  10 rupees which you can drink along with your family. That means one Bottle will be more than sufficient.
  AWWA is an invisible hand to the Indian Army. It is one of the largest voluntary organizations in India that has charted its course for fulfilling the societal obligation through social empowerment and skill building of spouses and dependents of Army personnel. AWWA aims at the holistic development and well-being of Army Wives including their children and rehabilitation of war widows and differently-abled children.
  Next time you are going to purchase a water bottle, we highly recommend you go for a Sena Jal instead of Aquafina or Bisleri. It is the least we can do from our side to support our army.

Most of the people on social media are urging to buy Sena Jal instead of any commercial branded water claiming that it is cheaper and money be used to fund the education of Army personnel’s children.

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However, that fact is also true that most of us have never come across any such brand named Sena Jal kept on display.

So, what is the truth behind the claim?

We found a website named Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA). This association works for the welfare of Army personnel, children, spouses, and dependents.

Sena Jal exists 

Yes, a water name Sena Jal indeed exists. As per the reports of ANI, this initiative came into force on 20 January 2018.

Why do we not see Sena Jal in the markets?

Most of the old reports on the internet suggest that this Water is available in Army canteens. No reports gave the information that in which Indian market or shop you will find Sena Jal.

We did another research on; how to get a Sena Jal dealership?

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How to get a Sena Jal dealership?

We do another research on; how to get a Sena Jal dealership? The research landed us on another webpage saying Sena Jal Dealership Details and distributor contact number. Under the headline, Dealership Details it was clearly mentioned that “Right Now, there is no information about distributorship or dealership for the general public”.

On the official website of AWWA, there is no information available about the availability of the product.

We also made a search for Sena Jal on various e-commerce sites but returned empty-handed.


To confirm the news, searched the #Senajal on various social media platforms. In the search, we found that most of the posts included similar types of images. Therefore, we decided to reach out to those people who claimed to consume the product.

Lucknowgirl writes, ‘Delhi Dairies a very precious kind of water, Sena Jal.’ When we asked the Instagram handle where they get it from, they replied, “This was served on a military aircraft”.

 One more consumer, Nishantazad123, said that the bottle was served in a press conference.

We tried to reach out to more people but are still waiting for their reply. As soon as we get their response, we will share the information.

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However, from all the information gathered, it is concluded that Sena Jal is specifically available in Army canteens only and not in the regular markets.

Therefore, next time anybody urges you to buy Sena Jal, do not hesitate to ask, “From Where?”.

If you like our fact-checked, kindly share it too, so that people get the full information.

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