Selfie World: 7 etiquette of taking Selfie

Obsessed with taking selfies? Learn these basic manners of clicking your pictures

So,are you one of them who is obsessed of taking selfies in different poses? Did you buy a selfie stick to take your best shots? That’s cool. Culture of selfie is not a new phenomenon anymore. Every other person has now become a part of this culture. An act of taking selfies is not completely new since a Russian grand duchess did it back in the early 1900s.

No doubt, taking selfies can be loads of fun, but they can also go very bad if certain rules are not followed. Here are few things that you should keep in your mind while taking selfie.

Representative Image
Representative Image

Here, are some basic etiquettes of taking selfie. Just go through it and implement in your lives too.

1. Ask for permission: If you are taking your picture, then only go ahead. But if someone else is in it, make sure the other person is okay with it. Let her or him know what you plan to do with it and stick to your plan. Do not post anywhere different without her permission. So, it’s better to first seek permission from the person.

2. Do not compromise with Safety: A Lot of cases were heard that people die while taking their selfies in a dangerous environment. Life and safety comes first. Never take a selfie in a situation that can put your life or health in danger. For example, you may think you look really coo whilel driving along the highway with the window open, your hair blowing in the breeze. If you pull out your camera to shoot a selfie, you are putting not only your own life in danger; you are risking anyone else who just happens to be on the road.

3. Be respectful: This is another basic etiquette to be considered. Be mindful of where you are. For example, if you are at a holocaust museum, taking a selfie in front of an exhibit shows a lack of respect for those whose lives were lost in this horrific era. People’s emotions are still prevalent over what happened, and they are likely to be that way for centuries. So, avoid taking selfies at a place where your actions shows disrespect.

Selfie Manners
Selfie Manners

4. Show love and kindness: Taking selfies is in trend. But if you could spare some time for people who are in need that will be of course a great initiative taken from your end. Instead, you can do something nice like give a blanket to a homeless man, offer to get something off a top shelf for a handicapped person, or hold a door for a young mom struggling with toddlers and packages.

5. Offer help not a photo: If you witness an accident or someone getting injured, call for emergency help and stay with that person. Do not just start shooting or taking your selfies that you were present in he situation. The only time you should take a picture of the situation is if it can be of some help later to show what happened.

6. Don’t post intimate selfie shots

Making out with your boyfriend or girlfriend is acceptable in private not in public ofcourse. But if couples their intimate moment in selfies and blindly post it on social media which is definitely not comes under the culture of selfie.’

7. Don’t overdo snaps on social media

If you want to snap photos of yourself waking up, eating your morning cereal, working out at the gym, walking into your workplace, having lunch with friends, leaving work at the end of the day, and having drinks with friends, go right ahead. Just do not think everyone wants to see every single aspect of your day. You can also choose picture of a day and post it.

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