How Does Self-Healing Help During The Time of Distress?

How To Improve Your Inbred Self-Healing Abilities


  • 5 stages of healing yourself,
  • Date yourself first,
  • Why is emotional healing so important?


Does healing only mean physical well-being? No! Self-healing is defined as the process of recovery from emotional afflict, but also accompanying physical health. Mental health is as important as drinking 8 glasses of water per day. Sometimes, when things are bothering you and constantly bringing back memories of some unpleasant time we can get quite agitated.  Your mind is unable to function straight and BOOM! You’re anxious.

Especially, during COVID, we all saw different faces of our own moods, feeling lonely, panicky or even depressed. In a report by the World Health Organisation published in March 2017, depression tops the list of causes of ill health.  WHO defines mental health as a “state of well-being in which the individual realises his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community”.


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The human body was designed to heal, from emotional healing to renewing cells. You can learn to improve your inbred self-healing abilities by learning to channel your body’s energy. There’s a revolution in health care that is pointing largely towards ancient traditions where healing and spirituality are. There is not always a need to depend on others to provide you mental peace, it is you who has to stand for yourself and pass all the stages that require rebooting your mind. Acknowledge the good around you, the love and the things you are grateful for. Give yourself the freedom that you need.  Understanding yourself, the need of your mind, the ways you feel peace from within that is what’s important.



Understanding yourself can be a complex process; it takes time and effort to accomplish.

  • Grief and Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargain
  • Depression   and
  • Acceptance

In bodybuilding and training, we understand differences between beginner, intermediate and advanced trainees. Each level requires different techniques and regiments. Whereas, in self-healing and development there is no one to distinguish on what stage you stand. This only leads to frustration because we tend to focus on the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Sometimes we feel that we are not getting anywhere but actually we cross these 5 stages; accepting fate and working for yourself is very important, accepting yourself as you are and finding happiness within  is self-healing. Step outside, admire what is around you, appreciate nature.

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Avoid comparing yourself to people, everyone is different, has different capabilities and has discrete reactions to everything. Date yourself, engage in productive and fun activities that spark joy to you as Marie Kondo would say it. Love and be loved, show your love for ones you care about. Try to take hold of your mind and learn to focus your thinking.

Breathe, meditate, give your mind the space to feel peace and calm. Frame your feelings; throw a different light on what you feel within that will make it easier to navigate what you feel.  Choose yourself and your mental health first, if you will be stable and happy only then you will be able to make yourself helpful to others.

Relax and close your eyes, let your mind wander- and see where it takes you. Focus on your breathing; don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t take you very far at first. With time, your mind will get used to this freedom.

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