How to practice Self-care? Few Tips to make your task easy

Self Care Tips for your overall well being

We all are stuck in this monotonous world, attending people at different places, getting things done from time to time, attending meetings, our calendars are totally jam-packed with tasks and events. With this packed schedule, we only find ourselves all drained out at the end of the day. Amid all this, our health and well being takes a back seat. Today, we will discuss how to practice self-care? We have compiled a few tips to make your task easy.

Why you should Put yourself FIRST?

When we are living lives filled with so much worry, noise and activities, it is very difficult to feel healthy and rested. It’s a high time now to take a wakeup call and notice the toll this kind of lifestyle takes on our lives. The relationship you share with yourself sets the tone for the relationship you have with others.

To gain more joy and good health, start pampering yourselves. It is very easy to make more time for everyone and everything else in your life, rather than making time for one who matters the most; ‘YOU’. Self-care helps you to nourish yourself it also prepares you to fight for another day.

It’s easier to show love for others, but how often do we show it to ourselves? Here are the top 5 self-care tips which you shouldn’t miss to cultivate in yourself.


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1. Good food leads to a good mood

We do not even have the first meal of the day at peace. Stop multitasking while you eat and give yourself the respect you deserve. Allow yourself to have a meal without any distractions.

2. Praise yourself often

At the end of the day introspect yourself. Make a list of all the productive things you have done the entire day. No matter, how small it may be you definitely deserve a pat on your back.

3. Go offline

Unplug yourself from the virtual world of Facebook and Instagram. Try to build person to person contact. Social media detox allows you to live in the moment and also gives you ample amount of time to develop new skills.

4. Learn the art of saying NO!

Out of all the best self-care practices available, it is very important to set boundaries for oneself. Learn to say no more often. No matter whatever the situation is that has your heart feeling heavy, you are allowed to say NO to it. You have permission to honour yourself first.

5. Hit the sack

What’s better than sleeping? Make sure you are getting an adequate amount of sleep. You should always keep your sleep above all. Inadequate sleep will make you cranky, and out of sorts. It also drains your mental abilities and makes you feel a little grumpy.

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