Self Affirmations you need for your New Job if you are Freaking out

Are you feeling freaked out and low with your new job? Here are the Self Affirmations you need for your new job position

With every new job, there comes a new responsibility, a new role, and newer work cultures. While you try to get involved in understanding what your work and responsibilities are, there is confusion in the air for how to get gelled up with the people around you. And, while you do all this, the fear of missing upon things, finding space for self-identity, and leaving your best foot forward always keep taking your heart and the soul. And if that’s the case, there are some self-affirmations that you need for your new workplace.

Self Affirmations you need for your New Job

Self Affirmations you need for your new job position

1. I am Deserving of this Job

The first and foremost thing that you should keep reminding yourself, every time you feel low, and incapable is that ‘you are deserving of this job’. For any job, you must have crossed some levels of interviews/ tests etc. to become eligible and deserving of the position you have right now. Hence, there is no reason who you should be entertaining any self-doubts for if you deserved that job or not. You were chosen because you deserved it.

2. It is completely okay to not know everything

Knowing everything about your work and your work culture will take time. Don’t put yourself in a guilty situation for not knowing something or anything. Infact, ask your colleagues and mentors at the workplace to guide you through. Asking something is always alright.

Self Affirmations you need for your New Job

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3. It is alright if you have made some mistake

Making mistakes is a part of the learning process. If you won’t make a mistake, how would people tell you the right thing? Learning is a time taking process, and you will make mistakes again and again. Normalize making mistakes, ensure that you are learning from your mistakes, and try to put your best foot forward.

4. Asking questions is alright

There is no need of being in the guilt zone for asking questions. Asking questions is always alright, in fact, it shows your interest in learning. There is no problem in asking about anything and everything that you feel is not in sync with you. But what you must ensure is that the way you are asking is a decent and genuine way.

5. Interacting and becoming comfortable with your teammates will take time

You may find the best companion at the workplace on the first day of the job, or maybe you won’t be finding them in your early days. The self-affirmation you would be needing here is that you are a good and kind person, but you need time to interact and become comfortable with your teammates.

So, these are the self-affirmation that you need for your New Job if you are Freaking out. Let us know how your new job is going. We would be glad to hear about your experience in the comments.

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