Exculsive : See the world through Abhishek Gupta’s Poetry

What you are doing should be recorded! Post those photos on Facebook! Jot things down. These are the things most of us would be doing after our travel adventure. But what Abhishek Gupta is doing is something extraordinary. He makes his travel journey more beautiful, by describing those experiences, places, the unexplored into his beautiful poetry.

Although there are a lot of ways to tell your travel journey, may be by writing a blog, thought provoking articles, and writing diary entries and what not. But Abhishek’s poetry is something new and refreshing for the readers, where he has tried explaining what was happening and what he felt when he clicked a picture through his poetry. Indeed a vision to describe an ambience is the most awe-inspiring way, because it is very well quoted that…

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“A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.” – MoslihEddinSaadi

So, Here’s a candid chat with the artist himself explaining what is PHOTO POETRY, what emotions are attached to it and much more…

Q1. How do you explain photo poetry?

Ans) Photo-poetry for me is like a post card from my heart. It’s the most beautiful way to describe a visual in the most appropriate way. It’s like making a picture come alive.

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Q2) what is the concept behind photo poetry?

Ans) Life is all about pictures and words. I have been travelling for a quite a long time. So I have tried to describe what was happening and what I was feeling when I clicked that picture through poetry. So the reader can visualize the picture and feel the emotions through the words.

Q3. Please, explain the poetic inspirations in photos?

Ans) The inspiration came from all the places and people that happened to me in the last couple of years. The experiences, situations, moods and emotions played a vital role too.

Q4.What is the reason to choose a particular photo? Or, does it seem as if the photo chose you to express, something previously unexpressed in words?


Ans) I think a photo-poetry happens when you can connect to any place, person or situation. It could be anywhere, from my terrace garden in Delhi to the sight of Alps in Switzerland. So yes, the photo chooses me.

Q5. Can you tell who the intended audience of the photo is? Or is there an unintended audience?

Ans) It’s for an unintended audience. It’s a book for everyone and no one. You will find a lot of yourself in the book and the book will help you find yourself. This is poetry for all seasons and the constant iridescence of all souls.

Q6. Please describe the emotional hook—how does the photograph make you feel?

Ans) The photos make me feel wanted, that’s precisely the reason why I end up writing about them. All the pictures are special to me, but each one of them evokes in me a different emotion.

Q7. What surprises you about the photo or your response to it?

Ans) Well both of them equally surprise me. The photo surprises me because we would never be at that same place and in the same situation ever again. It is like a transient moment specific to my life immortalized. And the response surprises me because I never knew I had so many words tugged in the underlining of my soul.


Q8. Can you share a beautiful piece of your work?

Okay, so here it goes!


Swings row down to the earth’s dust,

Carrying god’s grace in arms,

Padded with illumination,

Awestruck with magnificent retreat.


Swings fly with fire light,

Carrying stars that pollinate the sky,

Conquering and questing through the incorrigible smog,

Settling down dew must not dry.


Vim, vigor and vitality of the child,

Flying swings he dreams within,

Of winds he create and carry,

Must marry the contemplation of his heart.


Q9. Lastly, what’s in the pipeline? I mean what’s your future plan?

Ans) The  second edition of Iridescence is surely on the way. Beyond that, I am working on a self-help motivational book.

This was Abhishek Gupta explaining his photographs through his poetry. You can also witness his poems about being away from home along a few lines about how the poetry has opened up some unfathomeddestinations, deliver a smile or a smirk, or just capture the sensations of life on the road, in his book “IRIDESCENCE” Life is all about pictures.

The book is available on Amazon . Here is the link:  Go grab your copies, without fail.

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