Secret Fantasies of Women: Let’s talk about them!

Things women secretly want to do in the bedroom

It’s good to have fantasies, it’s may be hooking up with one person, a crush, an ex, any celebrity, may be a stranger or may be with multiple people or maybe you want to do role play. Or it may be a specific place or situation that turns you on.

Fantasies of a woman

When you masturbate or simply have sexual thoughts, you probably have certain fantasies that really arouse you and get you off. Sexy scenarios that returns to you over and over because you enjoyed them and they were really pleasurable.

But have you ever thought how naughty a woman can get in her thoughts? What goes in her mind when she masturbates and dreams about something very sexy?

There are few typical dirty fantasies that you might know. But when we talk about the most popular sex fantasies that women think all the time, you might get a surprise.

Making out love with girl

1 The most common are Lesbian Sex: The focus lesbians place on pleasure without rushing to the end goal is also another big factor for this fantasy.

2. To have sex with a younger man: Younger men have the ability to go longer and stronger may be this why women fantasize to have sex with younger men who have greater stamina, strength or agility in bed.

3. To have Threesome with Two Men: Women who daydream about the devil’s threesome version of this fantasy are often craving some extra attention. “Women enjoy being the sole focus of sex,”

4. Role Play: This fantasy is may be because women may want to add something new to their sex routine to get her satisfied.

5. Domination Sex: Here she wants to take the charge and likes to guide you in the bedroom.

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