Secret Decoded: Being Successful is a Choice!

Stay Happy! Stay Successful! : The ultimate mantra to lead a peaceful life

Success is not a thing that you can get after a certain period of time. You cannot buy success, you have to earn it. Success is in calmness, It needs dedication, hardwork and the most importantly ‘self commitment’. Success is in Learning. The moment we think, we know everything; our success is of no use.

Key to success

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Being successful doesn’t mean owing expensive house, car and accessories. Success means when you have peace. When heart accepts you the way you are that is actually Success.

One famous quote says, “Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing you will be successful.”

If you are in a profession you love, then you should thank god for it. Everyone doesn’t get that opportunity. In today’s era, we have set high standards for ourselves and often we refuse to go with the flow. Life is for learning and one should accept what all comes to her/ his way. Confining your thoughts or understanding will hinder your growth as an individual.

Lord Buddha teachings

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One famous movie dialogue says, “Agar tezz nahi daudoge toh koi tumhe kuchal kar aage nikal jaega” ( If you will not run fast so someone else will beat you in the race of life) . One has to understand that there is no competition going on in this world. You just have to compete with yourself. Learn good things, do well to others and accept the truth. This will make your life easy. So, even if someone is doing really well in his/ her life and you are not, you have to trust the process because things will eventually fall into place.

Success is in us and as long as we are happy with ourselves, we are successful. Happiness is a key to all things we often listen and it is true also. Happiness keeps us moving in life and helps to fight with every situation and no matter what the situation is.

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