My Partner Cheated on me, Should I give them a second chance? Twitter Reacts

Do people who cheat deserve a second chance? Twitter has some great advice to offer

Our relationships are the foundation of your life and your romantic relationship is indeed one of the most important relationships. When you love someone deeply it gives you strength and being deeply loved by someone gives you courage. A successful relationship is built on trust, understanding and communication. But what if your partner cheats on you? Do they really deserve a second chance? A 28- year –old man on Twitter revealed that his partner cheated on him and asked should he give her a second chance? Well, a Desi came out and offered him some harsh yet wonderful advice.

Before taking a look at the advice, let us understand why  people cheat in a relationship.

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Why do people cheat?

According to relationship experts, there is no proven single answer to this question. They believe it is often a multitude of reasons acting at once. 

  • Unsatisfactory Sex Life
  • Loss of Self esteem
  • Abuse in a relationship
  • Loss of communication

As per psychotherapy counselor Claire McRitchie, Boredom remains the most common reason to cheat in a relationship. Yes, you heard it right – Boredom.  But when caught in such a situation, it’s often hard to decide whether to forgive or to walk away?  Your decision is completely your choice. Yes, it is a hard choice but one has to make it keeping in mind the future of that relationship.

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Here are a few piece of advice that people offered on the Internet:

“It is hard to forgive and forget. There is a feeling of betrayal. But if your partner has never done something like this in the past, then it’s worth giving her a chance. Both people in the couple play part in betrayal – even though it doesn’t feel at once. Once you calm down, take a look at the reasons behind betrayal. It often happens when the other person doesn’t feel valued.”

Another user on Twitter wrote:

“Cheating should be and must be a deal breaker in a relationship. There is no justification or valid excuse to cheat on your partner. If you aren’t happy, call off the relationship. Because cheating is the worst form of disrespect and betrayal. “

“I believe in second chances. It’s completely your choice but she has to make peace with the fact that things will never be the same again. You also need time for self- healing and your relationship as well. If she is seeking forgiveness, you can talk and resolve issues.”

“It is a big no if there is no communication between the two of you. Things can only get better if you are ready to forgive and move on and the key to it is – Communication. Loss of communication will make things worse.”

“Once a cheater always a cheater – I don’t believe there should be second chances when your partner cheats on you. But if there is a sincere apology and your partner is ready to work on things, then you can consider giving her a second chance.”

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Recently, the film Gehraiyaan too touched upon the topic of infidelity. Experts believe it is a complex topic. There are a lot of emotions involved. From guilt, anger to betrayal. In that case, it is important to realize your investment in a relationship. Forgiving or walking away could be completely your call. To forgive someone and start again requires a lot of courage and experts revealed not everyone is that strong.  Cheating is definitely a big red flag in a relationship but sometimes both the partners have to take the responsibility.

If you are okay to work on things, you should forgive. On the other hand, if you have already made up your mind to move on, then remember only you and you should be responsible for your happiness.

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