Conquering Seafood Buffets: Things to Remember Before Entering a Seafood Buffet Restaurant

Seafood is suitable for the heart as it is low on cholesterol, great for keeping your heart healthy.

Whether there is a special event or not, buffets are great places to be if you would like to eat a lot on a budget. There are buffet restaurants which may allow you to eat for three hours, or for an unlimited time.

Some restaurants may offer a particular type of buffet, like breakfast or seafood buffet, pastries or pasta, or a combination of two or three types of buffets.

Why do People Love Seafood?

There is a luxurious feel that you can get from seafood, as they live and feed on the sea. Once cooked, seafood will have the smell, flavour, and texture that you cannot get anywhere else.

Seafood is an excellent way to get protein, although it is less compared to other protein-rich foods. They are also suitable for the heart as seafood is low on cholesterol, great for keeping your heart healthy.

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Types of Seafood That People Love to Eat

1. Fish

Swordfish is best grilled, so grab those if there are some available at a seafood buffet. For dishes that are cooked on a sauté pan, scallops are the best way to go.

If you want something light and flaky that will go great with batter or bread, choose tilapia or perhaps sole, whichever is available. You can also get smoked salmon and lox, whichever you may see at a buffet.

2. Prawns

They have a delicate and sweet taste once cooked. If the cooking is done in front of you, the change in their colour is a sight to behold.

If you see them served at a seafood buffet, get ones that are buttered or deep-fried with batter. Steamed prawns are also a good choice, especially if they are included in dim sums.

3. Crabs or Lobsters

It takes effort to eat either of the two, but once you get the meat off, and is cooked with butter, they are the tastiest.

If you see them at a seafood buffet, they are often pre-cracked, or you could ask the crew to have them cracked so you can enjoy eating the meat without any fuss.

Things to Remember Before Entering a Seafood Buffet Restaurant

Do not arrive at the buffet restaurant on an empty stomach. You would surely grab at the nearest fish dish that you see, which may or may not be the best one. Even at a buffet restaurant, you have to watch what you eat as much as you can, so you will not have any queasiness or stomach problems later on.

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You might think that the reason for eating at a buffet is to eat loads of food. But watch out; too much of something is never a good thing.

Try to get sample servings of each seafood dish that you find at the buffet, and once your plate is filled, bring it to the table so you can see in entirety the food that you will be eating. Sampling is the best way to eat at seafood buffets. That way, you can avoid not being able to taste everything the restaurant has to offer.

Watch out for the number of people inside the restaurant. Are there fewer people? Well, that is a sign to look for another restaurant. Lesser people inside the restaurant means there are fewer choices.

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