School teachers can now inform parents about their children’s attendance

Teachers, Students & Parents can have a more interactive relationship

Teachers, Students & Parents can have a more interactive relationship:- In order to radicalize the workings of school administrations under the Delhi Government, a plan has been being chalked out in which teachers, students and also parents can now have a more interactive relationship with the use of technology.

Also, all Delhi government school teachers will be given tablets in the New Year in order to help in matters of attendance and tabulation of marks.

Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister who also holds the profile of Minster of Education have further asked the Education Department to prepare a proposal with a detailed plan in order to provide tablets to the 50 thousand teachers, which also includes guest teachers working in Delhi Government schools and 100 education officers of the department.

Teachers, Students & Parents can have a more interactive relationship

This idea behind providing the tab to teachers is to further reduce their clerical time preparing attendance sheet and results.

Teachers have complained about maintaining records

Atishi Marlena, adviser to the Education Department said that many teachers have complained about the clerical burden of preparing attendance sheet, results and also to maintain other records on the papers.

By early next year, teachers will be preparing the attendance of students in their class on their tab. And it is not only about the attendance, the tab will have a special feature of bulk SMS, which will send daily report of attendance of a child to their parents, whether the child has come to the school or not.

Teachers, Students & Parents can have a more interactive relationship
Government schools teachers & students

Many parents during the parent-teacher meetings have also complained that they send their children to school but are not sufficiently informed about the presence or absence of their child in the classroom.

The attendance made on the tab will be sent bulk SMS of that classroom to the respective parents.

Other than attendance, the tab will also be used by teachers in order to prepare results, which in return reduce the time and burden of paper works and any school will be able to print the results in their school.

Moreover, teachers will also be given data packages in order to use the tab for the app and their work and gradually more apps will be made available to the teachers on the tab.

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