Say ‘No’ to work from home, here is why?

Work from home is actually a difficult task than going to office

A new trend has marked the significance of work from home in India. Not only newly mothers even others too are inclined towards work from home. But still, we can say this concept of work from home is alien to many people in India. If you are also in the list of doing work from then surely you have come across the strangest reaction from the people. You surely have witness the questions like “How do you work from home?” to the strangest “Are you sure you are not staring at the laptop to ignore us?” People often assume that you all are pretending of doing work.

Say 'No' to work from home, here is why?
Advantages of work from home

Here, are few challenges that every person goes through who do work from home:-

  1. People refused to believe that you are actually doing the work

We cannot change the thought processes of people, who feel that you are actually not working. People turn into spies and try to gather evidence to prove that your employment exists only in your imagination.  They will constantly check your laptops just to know what you actually do

  1. Role of interruptions

You might believe that you can simply shut the doors and devote yourself from the chaos in your house but that does not really happen. Your mother’s chit- chat can actually distract you from your work. And again gathering your attention towards your work is bit difficult.

  1. Internet problem

Being in office and sudden electricity cuts will not disturb you but being at home and electricity cuts can often result in anxiety and increase tension. Doing important work and your slow internet connection can be a big barrier towards your work.

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Say 'No' to work from home, here is why?
Work from home
  1. Work and life balance is difficult to balance

When you start working in your pyjamas and tee and are not worried about reaching your house on time, you always end up working extra hours. If you work in office for an average of seven hours, you easily stretch it up to nine hours when you are working from home because you feel lazy at home.

  1. Missed out cafeteria meetings

When you work in office cafeteria meeting not only enlightens your mood but also give you better insights how to work effectively and to overcome the challenges. At home, you miss this cafeteria meeting.

Work from home is not only about disadvantages, it has advantages too!

  1. Soon to be mom or newly mothers can do work from home and with this, they can spend sufficient time with her child.
  2. Wife or army officer living in remote area and keep herself busy by doing work from home.
  3. Those who want to avoid daily commuting can also do work from home.
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