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Say No To Cough and Cold Medicine!

Recently FDA has announced that over-the-counter cold and cough drugs should never be administered to kids below 4 years of age. This announcement has baffled the parents.

Generally the medicines used during cold and cough are
• Cough Suppressants
• Decongestants
• Antihistamines
• Cough Expectorants

Every year millions of children are given cold medicine. In 1994 a study was conducted in the United States, where more than one-third of US children below 6 years were given cough and cold medicine. The side effects of the cold medicines were noted.

The scientists advocated that most of the parents give overdoses to their children. Another important point that the scientists forwarded is that generally parents administer two brands of cold medicine and both brands contain identical ingredients.

Say No To Cough and Cold Medicine

Parents measure the dose inappropriately particularly during night when they are groggy.
FDA has recommended some precautions for giving cold medicines to kids below 4 years. Read drug instructions carefully before administering medicines. Above all follow doctor’s instructions very carefully while giving the drug to kids.

Homemade Remedies

Oneworldnews recommends you some homemade remedies for alleviating cough and cold.

• Honey is a time proven remedy for sore throat and cold. Lukewarm saline water can eliminate thick mucus from throat and nose.
• Ginger is also effective in soothing cough and cold. Squeeze grated ginger and add half a spoon of honey and give it your child.
• Drink plenty of liquids to revive falling hydration level of your body.

So, avoid cold and cough drugs available in the market and consult your doctor at the first hand when your child suffers with coryza. Resort to home remedies for treating the seasonal cough.


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