Say Goodbye to your Oily skin problem forever with these simple tips!

These Homemade Face Packs Will Help You Deal with Oily Skin Every Day!

Say Bye to Oil

People who are born with oily skin can understand the pain of endless pimples, acne, blackheads, white heads, and the saddest part is you cannot do much to stop them. But it is not impossible to maintain a good healthy skin. When it comes to keeping your skin healthy one cannot completely rely on market products.

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Oil on the face is something you cannot control as you are born with it. But maintaining healthy skin is not impossible. Though studies say having a normal flow of oil in the skin is good for you, as it prevents dryness leading to less pimples and a healthy skin.

Oily skin obviously can irritate you because when the excess oil is produced, the pores stretch more than the actual size to handle the excess oil.

Resulting to this the pore lining thickens making the situation even worse as the oil does not reach the skin surface, hence resulting to blackheads and white bumps.

Time to bust a myth

A lot us believe that people with oily skin have less chances to get early age wrinkles but that’s not true. Oily skin and wrinkles have not connection with each other. Oily skin may look less wrinkled as it is not dry, but it does not prevent wrinkles.

Here we bring to you some natural and homemade packs that you should include in your skin care routine right away to say goodbye to oil forever.

Avoid harsh, drying ingredients: Avoid harsh, drying ingredients because they trigger more oil. Alcohol are common culprits do find other ingredients. Products which tingles your skin (menthol, mint, etc) actually upset skin. Tingling is something which gives you a hint that it is hurting. If not considered may make it worse.

There are some products which contain pore-clogging propitiatory elements which exacerbate oiliness. Using such products likes creams or lotions make your skin look oilier.

So, here are 3 easy to make homemade face packs which will help you deal with your oily skin:

It helps to control oil on the skin


All you need for this face pack is besan and curd. That’s it!

∙ Take besan and curd and make a paste out of it.
∙ Adding adequate amount of curd required to make a thick paste.
∙ Apply it on the face and let it dry.
∙ Rinse off it with cold water.


Multani mitti is counted as one of the best face packs for oily skin.


∙ Multani mitti
∙ Rose water
∙ Lemon juice


∙ Mix all the ingredients and make a paste.
∙ Apply the paste on the face avoiding eyes and lips.
∙ Let it dry for around 15 minutes.
∙ Wash off.


Mint leaves are said to be a good face pack for oily skin.


∙ A sprig of mint leaves.
∙ Honey.


∙ Grind mint leaves.
∙ Add adequate amount of honey to make a paste.
∙ Apply the pack on the face.
∙ Wait for the pack to dry.
∙ Wash off with cold water.

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