Who all shared their Saree look as the #SareeTwitter takes over Internet


‘Saree is the world’s oldest and perhaps the only surviving unstitched garment from the past’, wrote one user over #SareeTwitter movement

Twitter is a very strange place, you never know what will start trending when and how. #SareeTwitter and #SareeSwag was trending in India on Monday and it is still trending in India on Tuesday. Women of India and other country started posting their pictures draped in Saree which flooded the internet with Sarees pictures.

There is no clarity on answers of Who and Why and How this movement started. But one thing is very clear that people are really into it.

Israel in India, a page dedicated to promote good relation, economic growth and friendship between Israel and India tweeted “No doubt a Saree is a powerful fashion statement that makes women look gorgeous and stylish. Here is our take (in pictures) on why we. LOVE this gracious Indian National Attire #saree. “

Mariellen Ward who is a travel enthusiast tweeted a picture in Black and Silver Saree. She Wrote “Black and silver Banarasi sari worn to wedding last winter. My #SareeTwitter favourite.”

Barkha Dutt a renowned journalist also took part in the Twitter trend and tweeted a very interesting picture she is the middle of a meal.

Actress Yami Gautama also took time to become a part of the trend. She wrote on twitter “I completely agree with this trend, nothing can match the elegance and beauty of a Saree ! So sharing my most special saree moment”

Here are some other tweets with #SareeTwitter 

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