Check Out Sara Ali Khan’s Dadi Ka Nuska for Hair Care Routine

Sara Ali Khan revealed secret of her hair care regime. What is Sara Feeding to her hair?


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Sara Ali Khan never fails to treat fans with her breezy and frenzy style. However, she is often lauded for her chic style. Where Sara’s style talks a lot, her hair never forgets to grab your attention with its whisper.

Sara’s hair and her hairstyles have been the talk of the town. On various occasions, her fans ask to spill the beans on how she keeps her hair lustrous and healthy.

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The fact is also true that being an actor demands many products going in your hair day in and out. Styling regularly with machines can add to the damage. Yet, some actors have managed to slay their game with their hair goals ensuring they look shiny, lustrous, and healthy. In an interview, Sara Ali Khan revealed her secret behind luscious hair.

Dadi ka Nuska

Sara reveals she got this inspiration from her grandmother Sharmila Tagore. Sara says she swears by onion for her hair. She also believes that it takes guts, but onions have helped her achieve gorgeous voluminous tresses.

“Well, I used to put a lot of onions in my hair! Mom would put onions in my head for me. Your hair deserves tender love and care. When Sara reveals her hair care regime, she emphasizes the importance of using natural ingredients rather than chemicals and toxins. She added, “I am quite a big fan of large voluminous hair, whether it’s Dimple [Kapadia] aunty’s or my mum’s—the whole hot rollers set up. I do not know how it would look on me, but it is definitely glamorous to look at.”

You may find the smell awful but eating and applying onion topically is super healthy (kuch pane ke liye, kuch sahna padta Hai bhen). Growing hair is not manageable. It needs a lot of nourishing from time to time, a healthy diet, and should be kept away from chemicals and colours. Although it is hard to manage all this, onions juice can go a long way to help your hair.

Studies show that onions have antibacterial properties, which help maintain a healthy scalp. You can use onions to prevent dandruff and lice, allowing your hair to grow stronger and healthier. Onions can be used in various ways for optimum results with the assistance of available videos. If you decide to wash your hair in the shower next time, use onion juice before you get in.

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Benefits of Onion Juice

· Take one to two onions and peel them.

· Cut them into pieces and blend them.

· Now, filter the juice using a muslin cloth. This will ensure that no onion chunks are left.

· Give your scalp a good massage with onion juice in circular motions. Let it sit for an hour or so.

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· Rinse it off with a mild shampoo and ensure that you get rid of the pungent smell of onions.

· You could try this once a week to see effective results.

If you have frizzy, untamed hair, drinking coconut water can tame that unruly hair. It will reduce hair fall because it is rich in Vitamin K and iron.

The rising star in Bollywood made her Bollywood debut in the 2018 romantic-drama film, Kedarnath. The year 2022 and 2023 will be super busy for the lovely lady as her four new films are lined up.

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