Sachin Tendulkar urges MNCs to provide job security in sports

Job Security in Sports
Sachin Tendulkar, Cricketer

Importance of job security in sports

While, stressing on the importance of job security in sports, cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar has today urged the big companies and MNCs to start employing sportsman.

Mumbai cricket has recently changed its rule for job recruitment, but Sachin Tendulkar is not at all pleased by the policy.

He mentioned that earlier there were less contracted players, as players had a job security. But in current scenario it is not present. Security of a job use to bring best in players as far as financial security was concerned.

 Job Security in Sports
Sachin Tendulkar, Cricketer

“They need not have to worry about all those things and could focus on the game. And that had a solid result, a positive result as far as Mumbai Cricket was concerned. Players were able to deliver, yes, I am not by any means saying that players today are not giving their best or not performing well, but that job security somewhere down the line is missing,” the 43-year-old player said.

The right-handed batsman was speaking at the prize distribution ceremony of the 69th Police Invitation Shield Cricket tournament 2016-17 at the Mumbai Police Gymkhana here.

MNCs should employ sportsman

Tendulkar, who played 200 Tests, also said , “he was using that platform to urge to all our mega-(big) companies, multi-nationals to further start employing sportsman. Give them little more support, security.”

 Job Security in Sports
Multinational Companies

He has also praised Mumbai Cricket Association for giving nod to his idea of 14-a-side teams at the school level.

Sachin also congratulated MCA and thank them for their support, as Mumbai Schools has adopted his suggestion of using 14 players. Though it had come a little late, but it’s better late than never.

“The idea was to have 14 member squad and give more opportunities to players. To me, I feel, inter-schools the career is possible 48 months, if you end up playing for 4 years, and out of those, if you are playing the knock-out games and you do not end up playing because of the pitch conditions. I mean, on a turning track, why would a coach want to play with the three fast-bowlers, he would play three spinners and fill the other gap with batters or an all-rounder, but very unlikely to have three fast bowlers,” said Tendulkar.

“What it does, the 14 member squad is it increases standard of playing, it raises the standard of playing which may be.. it may not reflect right now, but in time to come, you will start seeing the results,” he added.

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