Russian Red VS Ruby Woo: Why your man should know the difference?

Russian Red VS Ruby Woo: What should you opt? 

From Concealer to Highlighter everything matters to the aura of a woman. A woman with makeup doesn’t really portrait that she is hiding her flaws instead she wants the best to be shown. And when it is about lipsticks women go crazy with experiments. The variety in lipsticks is equal to the moods of a woman which nobody is really prepared to handle. There are more than 100 shades of lipsticks which mostly is a must have in a girl’s life. The shade of your lipstick can drive your man crazy.  Picking up the right color is very important. Here is why your man should know the difference between Russian Red and Ruby Woo.

Which shade you should choose?

There are at least 10-15 shades of lipstick for every skin tone in women. This availability of different colors in lipsticks is what makes us go and the urge to maintain the newness increases. Lipstick is arguably the most enduring asset of a woman.

There were several turns in the journey of lipstick from just the basic reds or pinks to matte and liquid long-lasting trend. The trendsetter lipstick has a story for every side of a woman. Whether it is a Ruby Woo date night or a Nude casual day out, lipstick has something for everything. Lipsticks were never just a makeup product it brought certain confidence in most women to carry themselves with utmost grace.

russian red vs ruby woo
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Most of the leading brands of lipsticks and cosmetics like NARSLancôme, MAC, etc uses various attributes of a female for their marketing. The advertisement and promotion get better when the brands have something for every woman. Not just women but lipsticks have a major role in uplifting the Queer community. Lipstick has given an unmatched identity to many people from the Gay community which makes them feel empowered and accepted. There are some amazing and creative slogans of Lipstick brands where the tendency to reach out to a bigger audience is the target.

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Here is a list of similar slogans of lipstick brands across the globe:-

  • The Lips Don’t Lie
  • Choose to Mute
  • Choose Yourself
  • Lipsing Thunders
  • The Goddess Made Beauty
  • The Personal Is more Personal

If he knows the difference, then he is the one

There is saying among women that if a man understands the shades of lipsticks and can differentiate between Ruby Woo and Russian Red then he is suitable to spend the life with. Lipstick not just brings the femininity of yours but the sheen in you gets evident.   Lipstick has the power to complete the look of a woman without anything else, but just a lipstick of your type and there you go flaunting your lips and every word you speak is kept in notice

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