Roti Banks are making labouriers life a bit easy in Noida, know how it is operating? 

Roti Bank is a great initiative and a great example for us on how to contribute?

Coronavirus lockdown has left lakhs of daily wage workers without work. While many migrated to their villages or hometowns, there are still thousands who are staying in big cities. People who have reached their villages are somehow managing to feed their family but people who are stuck in big cities with no food and no money are finding it very tough to survive. The central government, state governments, NGOs and some kind individuals are trying that no family sleeps without food. One such effort is being carried in the Noida, UP by Roti Bank who are feeding 3,000 to 4,000 labourers daily.

What is this Roti Bank?

A group of residents from sector 78 started this “Roti Bank” on 12th April. They initially made 400 chapatis and now they are collecting about 15,000 chapatis every day. The Roti Bank of Noida has made more than 1 lakh Rotis (Chapatis) in just 11 days. Currently, the Roti Bank is getting contributions from 7X sectors (Sector 70, 75, 76, 78 and 79) and other sectors like 51, 110, 119, 120, 121, 137 and 143. Authorities support the initiative of these people by sending vehicles for collection of chapatis from their society.

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How Roti Bank works?

The residents of Antariksh Golf View 1 and 2 were informed through WhatsApp group whosoever wants to contribute can take the empty boxes and fill it with four chapatis. Empty boxes are put at each of the society towers (buildings). Residents of the building start to come up with a packet of four chapatis by 4 pm each and drop the packet at their respective towers. All the boxes are collected around 5:30 pm, and are put at the society gate.

The vehicles of authorities come around 6 pm, picks all the boxes and takes it to the community kitchen at Sorkha Village, where they prepare Sabji and Dal. More than 1000 labourers gather there for the food.

The initiative was started with just 400 chapatis from three societies. Later , more kind people came together and now, more than 25 societies have joined together for a small contribution from their side for the poor, hungry and needy people.

This is one story from many other inspiring, helping and kind stories from across the country. We salute these people for coming together and combatting the deadly virus. You can also do the same in your society or colony because Humanity is the biggest virtue.

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