Ronit Ashra, the boy in a wig is our ‘New Crush on Gram’

Ronit Ashra, the ‘Expression King’ is soaring at 16!

There are so many content creators these days feeding us with a variety of content. Honestly, content creation does take a lot of efforts. It is not easy to get your audience hooked. A lot of hard work goes into creating a market for your content. Instagram is full of some amazing content creators, who can instantly lit up your day with their witty content. To take a break from our mundane work routine, we all want some sort of entertainment, especially during this lockdown phase. We crave for lighter content which can give us our daily dose of laughter.  Well, if you are a gram lover, you must have seen this guy, and if you haven’t, check his page right away!

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We are talking about Ronit Ashra, the boy with a wig. A 16- year –old boy who has become our latest crush on the gram. He mimics Bollywood divas and the videos are interesting AF, especially the one he did on Ananya Pandey. Recently, his video of Rasode mai Kaun tha went viral & we just couldn’t stop laughing.  Ronit, who is from Delhi is popular for making such videos. He has a verified account and his followers include big wigs like Anushka Sharma, Mansi SrivastavaAsha Negi, and many more.  Here, we have listed his 5 best videos, take a look:

1. Ronit as Anushka Sharma

Not only the expression, he aced her sitting posture like a boss! We loved it, and we hope Anushka too loved it.

2. The Boy in a wig as Alia Bhatt, we mean as Badri Ki Dulhania

Sorry, Alia, we loved Ronit more than you in this scene. He did it with all his heart, and we couldn’t stop ourselves from reacting heart.

3. Absolute Stunner as Ananya Pandey

We all love Ananya Pandey (reasons could be different) so does he. Most of the videos on his account feature Ananya Pandey and trust us nobody can mimic Ananya better than him. Oh! He is a stunner.

4. Poo 2.0

An iconic character of Kareena Kapoor, which is still admired by millions of her fans. Ronit tried his hands on Poo’s popular dialogue and guess what? He gave us Poo 2.0

5. Daya Ben had to be on our list

His latest video on his Instagram account is something that will make you laugh hard. Daya ben is missing from the show for a long time. He just reminded us of Daya’s comic timings with his phenomenal skills.

A thank you note to him! 

Thank you for being so unapologetic and inspiring people to do experiments in life. His introduction reads –  The Boy in a wig, which clearly shows how proud he is of his work. His videos are hilarious AF! and can turn your gloomy day into a good one.

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